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Retiree Medical Program

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Learn all about the Retiree Medical Program. Find the latest news and updates on this page. You can also learn about some of the popular benefits and features of the Retiree Medical Program.

2021 Annual Open Enrollment for Retirees

Open enrollment for 2021 benefits elections took place Oct. 26 - Nov. 6, 2020, and is now closed. Changes made during open enrollment will take effect on Jan. 1, 2021. Below are the 2021 open enrollment materials.

Open Enrollment Webinars

Representatives from BCBS hosted webinars to provide highlights of 2021 plan benefits with a brief general QA session. Below are the presentation slides:

2020 Annual Retiree Medical Information

The 2020 Open Enrollment period is now closed for benefit election changes beginning January 1, 2020.

In addition to the DePaul medical premium, you will have to pay a premium to Medicare for Part B. Depending on your income level, you may also pay an Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA). More information on the Part B premiums can be found on the Medicare website. Additionally, while you do not have to sign up for Medicare Part D separately, Part D is included in the Medicare Advantage plan. You may be required to pay a Part D income-related monthly adjustment amount (Part D-IRMAA). More information can be found on Medicare’s website or by reading 2020 Medicare Premiums: Rules for Higher-Income Beneficiaries.

Under-65 Medical Plans:

PPO Information (Please note that PPO is only under 65):

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Medicare Advantage (65 and over)

DePaul now offers Medicare Advantage for DePaul retirees who are age 65 and over and eligible for Medicare.

  • Medicare Advantage Customer Service: 1-877-299-1008. (TTY/TDD users should call 711). 8:00 am - 8:00 pm Monday-Sunday
  • Pharmacy Help Desk: 877-277-7898
  • Walgreens Mail Order: 877-277-7895

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Medicare Q&A Center

This list of frequently asked questions will provide answers about the Medicare Advantage plan.

Learn more

Retiree Medical Program Information

The university provides a retiree medical plan for faculty and staff who meet certain age and service requirements. The plan provides comprehensive coverage, including coverage for prescription drugs. For employees hired after April 1, 2006, retiring employees will pay 100 percent of the insurance premiums.

If you are enrolled in a DePaul medical plan at time of retirement, you have the ability to enroll in DePaul’s retiree medical coverage. More information will be provided at time of retirement. In lieu of retiree medical coverage, you may elect medical plan continuation under COBRA for up to 18 months. If you elect medical coverage through COBRA, you will irrevocably waive the retiree medical coverage and will not be permitted to enroll in the retiree medical plan when your COBRA benefits end.

Additional Resources

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Second Domiciled Adult Coverage

An eligible employee who retires from DePaul University with a related or an unrelated Second Domiciled Adult (SDA) covered on the medical plan at the time of retirement may continue to cover the SDA as long as he/she continues to meet the Plan’s eligibility requirements. Refer to the Health Benefits Plans Summary Plan Description for additional details regarding eligibility and coverage.

The retired employee must pay the full cost of a Related SDA’s coverage regardless of the retired employee’s grandfathered group classification under the terms of the retiree medical plan. DePaul will share in the cost of coverage for an Unrelated SDA based on the retired employee’s grandfathered group classification (Refer to the Understanding Retiree Medical Plan Changes Brochure).