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News: 403(b) retirement plan match increase

Don’t miss out on this benefit! Starting January 1, 2017, DePaul’s 403(b) match contribution has increased from 8.5% to 9%. In order to receive this benefit, you must be eligible to participate and you must be enrolled in the 403(b) plan. Please refer to the 403(b) home page for match criteria and additional information.

DePaul is committed to providing a comprehensive employee benefits package that attracts and retains talent to advance the university's mission and contribute to the personal and financial well-being of employees and their families.

In the Benefits section, you will find tools, resources and information that will help you make informed choices and take full advantage of all the benefits for eligible DePaul faculty and staff.

Need personal assistance? Review and discuss your options with the Benefits Department at or ext. 28232

Take advantage of all that DePaul offers

Here are just a few ways that DePaul HR helps you learn and get the most out of your benefits:

Meet ALEX Your Benefits Assistant

A new way to learn about your benefits

ALEX is an easy-to-use online tool that will help find the best benefit plans for you and your family. Meet ALEX.

Note: ALEX does not determine benefits eligibility or process your benefits enrollment. If you are uncertain of your benefits eligibility, contact a Benefits specialist at or ext. 28232. To complete your enrollment process, visit

When is it time to review your benefits?

Changes at work or home could mean that it's time to review your benefit options and consider making some adjustments. During the course of your career, there will be times when you experience changes in your life that impact your DePaul benefits.

This helpful graphic addresses some of the most common life events that signal the need for corresponding changes in benefits.

HIPAA Privacy Notice

If there is any conflict between the benefit descriptions provided here and the policies or certificates, then the contractual terms, benefits and provisions stated in the policy or certificates governing the plans shall prevail. The university reserves the right to change the provisions of the benefit plans at any time. The President of DePaul University is vested with the authority to end, modify and add benefit plans.