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DePaul is committed to providing a comprehensive employee benefits package that attracts and retains talent to advance the university's mission and contribute to the personal and financial well-being of employees and their families. In the section, you will find tools, resources, and information that will help you choose the Benefits package that is right for you.

Need personal assistance? Review your options with a Benefits Specialist at or (312) 362-8232.

Benefits To-Dos in 2021

As the 2021 calendar year begins, here are two actions to take regarding your DePaul benefits.

1) Sign Up for the 2021 Wellness Program.

DePaul is excited to announce that we have partnered with WellRight for the university’s 2021 Wellness ProgramIn January 2021, benefit-eligible employees will be receiving an email from WellRight with instructions to activate your account through the WellRight portal.

All active full-time and part-time, benefits-eligible faculty and staff enrolled in one of DePaul’s medical plans (PPO, CDHP, HMOIL), as well as COBRA participants are eligible to earn a $300 incentive credit toward their 2022 medical plan premiums if they register and complete activities for the 2021 Wellness Program. This premium incentive is available to eligible faculty and staff who are enrolled in a DePaul medical plan as the primary subscriber.

2) Make a Plan to Use Your Flexible Spending Account Balance.

If you have a flexible spending account (Dependent Care FSA or Health Care FSA), now is the time to plan how you will use any money you have in your account over the next several months.  Because our plan has a grace period, you can incur claims for your 2020 balance(s) until March 15, 2021, and submit those claims to HealthEquity by March 31, 2021.  Any unused balance in your FSA from 2020 is subject to forfeiture if not incurred by March 15, and submitted by March 31.  Click here for details about flexible spending accounts.

HIPAA Privacy Notice
If there is any conflict between the benefit descriptions provided here and the policies or certificates, then the contractual terms, benefits and provisions stated in the policy or certificates governing the plans shall prevail. The university reserves the right to change the provisions of the benefit plans at any time. The President of DePaul University is vested with the authority to end, modify and add benefit plans.