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Employee Relations & Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

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Providing support when you need it most

The Employee Relations & Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) team helps DePaul employees in creating a positive work environment based on clear and accurate communication. Although we are an important resource for conflict resolution, we prefer to take a proactive approach in addressing workplace issues. Learn about our Employee Relations Philosophy.

Support for employees

Employee Relations & EEO helps DePaul employees address a variety of workplace situations:

Support for managers

Are you a manager?  The topics below are designed to anticipate some of the most common workplace situations and concerns:

Would you like some immediate guidance?

These teaching modules offer proactive approaches to help employees better manage workplace situations as they arise.

  • Employee toolkits - Anticipate some of the challenging situations that may occur at your job.
  • Manager toolkits - Learn how to better navigate scenarios that can be part of a management position. 

Contact us

Isabel Diaz
Director, Employee Relations & Equal Employment Opportunity
(312) 362-8577
Genesis Lagunas
Employee Relations and EEO Specialist
(312) 362-8187