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Employee Relations & Equal Employment Opportunity (ER&EEO)

​​The Employee Relations & Equal Employment Opportunity (ER&EEO) team takes a neutral leadership role in serving both employees and managers while addressing workplace issues and concerns. Our objective is to support DePaul's managers and employees through guidance and consistent interpretation of university policies. Our work is rooted in DePaul’s employee philosophy, and we are committed to creating a fair and respectful work environment that supports and helps employees do their best work.


Discrimination and Harassment

DePaul is committed to providing an environment that is free from all forms of discrimination.

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The ER&EEO team conducts an interactive, confidential, and individualized process for employees seeking an accommodation.

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Employees Leaving DePaul

Certain work- and benefits-related actions must take place in a timely manner when an employee will be leaving the university.

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Who to contact

Faculty, staff and student employees can access resources, services and guidance on specific workplace and work relationship issues. The areas listed below work collaboratively to address issues that often cross multiple constituents and university policies.

Policies referenced can be found at the University Policies and Procedures website

Addresses work-related, regulatory, job performance, behavioral issues and discrimination and harassment.

Policies and Procedures:

 - American with Disabilities (ADA)

 - Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy

 - Employee Workplace Issues

 - Progressive Discipline

 - Threats and Violence in the Workplace

 - Non-Retaliation Policy


Isabel Diaz
, Director, ER&EEO: (312) 362-8577 or

Angeline Gordillo
, ER&EEO Investigator
: (312) 362-7367 or

Nick Obis
, ER&EEO Specialist
: (312) 362-8187

For general inquiries, contact (312) 362-7182 or

Ensures that every member of the DePaul University community has the right to safety from the threat of sexual and relationship violence.

Policies and Procedures:

 - Sexual & Relationship Violence Prevention and Response

Contact: (773) 325-7290 or

Ensures that the university’s policies and procedures, and local, state and federal laws are followed.

Policies and Procedures:

 - Non-Retaliation Policy

 - Reporting Misconduct

 - Management Standards Handbook and the Code of Conduct

Contact: (312) 362-6880 or

Reporting Misconduct anonymous hotline: (877) 236-8390

DePaul University has paused providing services for faculty and staff through the University Ombuds Office as of July 1, 2023.

Division of Mission & Ministry

The Career Center provides students, alumni and employers with opportunities to connect with each other.  Student Employment provides services to students seeking university employment.


Loop Office: (312) 362-8437

LPC Office: (773) 325-7431

A direct line of support and service for students as well as offering liaison services and connections to university departments, staff and faculty.

Student Handbook

Student Support Services