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Employee Engagement

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The Office of Human Resources seeks to find new and effective ways to foster increased engagement.  HR's Employee Engagement & EEO department provides resources and information intended to facilitate engagement and recognition for outstanding DePaul faculty and staff members. 

Engagement is the extent to which employees commit to something or someone in their organization, how well they perform, and how long they stay as a result of that commitment.

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Non-Monetary Recognition Survey

Non-monetary recognition can take many forms, and the Office of Human Resources wants to help managers provide meaningful recognition to the outstanding employees of our university.  The HR office conducted a survey to find out what forms of non-monetary recognition mattered most to DePaul faculty and staff. The results are in!  We now have a better understanding of the types of recognition which mean the most. 

DePaul employees having a spirited conversation around a table

Recognition Matters Campaign

Employee Engagement & EEO partners with faculty and staff to find new and positive ways to recognize exceptional work at DePaul University.  We have rolled out a new Recognition Matters campaign via the recognition page and @worklifedepaul on Instagram.  This campaign will provide tips, resources and best practices on employee recognition and highlight some great examples already happening here at DePaul.   

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Faculty and Staff Spotlights

Learn more about some of the extraordinary members of our university community who put DePaul's mission and values into action.
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Improve Engagement!

Learn more about ways to foster engagement with this helpful manager guide.

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