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Employee Engagement

The Office of Human Resources seeks to find new and effective ways to foster increased engagement and provides resources and information intended to facilitate engagement and recognition for outstanding DePaul faculty and staff members.

Engagement is the extent to which employees commit to something or someone in their organization, how well they perform, and how long they stay as a result of that commitment.

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Non-Monetary Recognition Survey

The HR office conducted a survey to find out what forms of non-monetary recognition mattered most to DePaul faculty and staff.

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Tell us why you love working at DePaul!

"I love working at DePaul because of the sense of community. I feel we are working together for the common purpose of helping our students succeed. I appreciate that DePaul, as an employer, encourages us to challenge ourselves, allows us time for reflection and holds to our mission."

Catherine Alonzi Gill, Director, Driehaus Undergraduate Program Office​​​​​

"I love working at DePaul because it recognizes our beautiful city of Chicago as an incredible asset for learning and for service – we really do use the city as a classroom and as a home, as a place for study and as a place we have an obligation to impact in the positive."

Coya Paz Brownrigg, Associate Dean, The Theatre School​​​​

"I love working at DePaul because it is an academic institution for the 21st century. What I mean by this is that even though the university is dedicated to the creation and dissemination of new knowledge, it lists teaching before research to show our dedication to enlightening and transforming the lives of our students first. In this way, we can not only be a world-class research institution but one that changes society by developing the minds of our students."

Jim Mourey, Associate Professor, Department of Marketing​​​

"The work/life balance here at DePaul is amazing and, to me, DePaul feels like home!"

Mel Rodas, Contact Center Manager, Enrollment Management

"I love DePaul because I vehemently believe in its mission and because so many in the DePaul community have become chosen family members. The values I share with the university and with its community members are lived on a daily basis. Again and again I have sat at decision-making tables, in class rooms and conference rooms and heard students, faculty and staff ask how decisions, policies and protocols will impact students and how students will best be served by a particular decision. Our most vulnerable populations are often in the forefront of people’s minds when designing programs and services, and doing whatever must be done to uplift, support and advance those community members is always a priority. This is a place where our mission does not simply hang on a wall or live on a webpage somewhere. Mission understanding and engagement is often used as measuring stick for people’s success in this community. DePaul is not a perfect place but it is a real place full of real people who are challenged daily and meet those challenges with real solutions that are inspired by its Catholic and Vincentian mission."

Georgianna Torres Reyes​​​, Associate Vice President fo​r Student Engagement​

"I have been working at DePaul for over 18 years and one of the things I love most about working here is the sense of community that I feel a part of. DePaul is a big place spread over two campuses miles apart yet I know I can call upon anyone within this great network for assistance, resource or just a genuinely good conversation. The students, staff and faculty make DePaul home for me. Now take great community and couple it with a living and breathing mission and you have a recipe for a very special environment which has only grown stronger the longer I have been here."

Rick Moreci, Associate Vice President of Student Auxiliary Services, Student Affairs​​

"I thoroughly enjoy being part of a mission-driven institution that encourages me to continuously support students in their diverse academic and professional endeavors. Additionally, since I arrived at DePaul, my local academic unit, College, and the University as a whole, has supported my own efforts to develop professionally. This support of my career has come in a variety of forms. From grants to showcase my research at academic conferences, to multi-day workshops held on campus designed to enhance my online teaching, I really feel that DePaul is vested in my long-term success as a member of the academic community."

Nicholas J. Thomas, Ph.D., Associate Professor, School of Hospitality​​

"I love working at DePaul because of our mission. It is something I am always proud to share with people when asked about my job. DePaul’s mission is part of what drew me here, both as a student and as an employee, and I believe you would find that to be the case for much of the DePaul community."

Kristin Melesio, Senior Business Analyst​​​

"Here is why I love working at DePaul: the bereavement notices. I don't love it when anyone loses someone in their lives. But I do love working at a place where they know that people and their losses matter. The bereavement notices are sent out quickly and ubiquitously, no matter the ‘pay grade’ of either the deceased or the DePaul University community member. A bereavement notice is a reliable reminder that we all have endings in our lives and that those endings should be made known. And the bereavement notices just always seem to function smoothly – from the timeliness of the communication to the simplicity of the wordings -- the notices are a model of efficiency and sensitivity for all of the units within the institution."

Tracey Mabrey, Associate Professor, Department of Social Work​​

"As I write this I’m celebrating my 6th year work-a-versary and I couldn’t be happier. Six years ago, DePaul became a salient part of my identity. This place is a second home to me—a space that lends itself to joy and fulfillment in every sense of the word. In my time here I have been able to have some of the best experiences as a staff member and the opportunity to witness our wonderful students become amazing global citizens. I have been so lucky to work for and with people who completely cultivate a culture of support and advocacy for staff and students alike. Lastly, the DePaul mission is completely embedded in my life and I am so proud to call myself a Vincentian and a Blue Demon."

Judy Melgarejo​​, Special Assistant to the Provost

"Oh let me count the ways….my work family, the awesome students, the dedicated staff and faculty; I mean I can go on and on. But in order to answer this question for you, I think about​ how I boast about DePaul to family and friends that do not work here. I tell them about how supportive of an employer DePaul is because they offer great benefits and are always looking for ways to help their employees find better work/life balance. As a manager, I have had to navigate delicate situations in my own life as well as of those I supervise. I can honestly say​ I haven’t had to do this alone. I have had guidance and support from several offices starting from our Dean’s Office and all the way up to Employee Relations. I always say that the Vincentian spirit isn’t something DePaul employees and students just preach about, it is something practiced daily and evident in the relationships we create across campus(es). That is why I love DePaul!"

Tania Rodriguez, Director of Student Academic Services, LAS​​​

"I started at DePaul as a freshman. If you were to tell me then, that I would still be at DePaul after all these years, I would have thought you were crazy! However, I consider myself blessed to be able to say that I am part of the DePaul family. As a student, I encountered many faculty members who truly cared about me and other students. They would go out of their way to help them succeed. As an employee, I worked for and with others who helped me to achieve my goals and provided me with opportunities to expand my skills and knowledge. Today I am honored to work for and with people who are extremely intelligent, collaborative and have the best interests of the students, faculty and staff in mind. So long story short, I love DePaul because it means being a part of a family that is nurturing, caring, and will go the extra mile to help others. ​"

Chantilly Butcher, Events Coordinator, University Marketing and Communications​​

"The culture at DePaul is professional and collaborative. My colleagues in Enrollment Management and the entire University are enthusiastic team players. We all strive to succeed together as one."

Karen R. Wigle, Executive Secretary, Division of Enrollment Management​​

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Recognition Matters Campaign

Employee Engagement & EEO partners with faculty and staff to find new and positive ways to recognize exceptional work at DePaul University. Check out the Recognition Matters campaign via the recognition page. This campaign will provide tips, resources and best practices on employee recognition and highlight some great examples already happening here at DePaul.

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Faculty and Staff Spotlights

Learn more about some of the extraordinary members of our university community who put DePaul's mission and values into action.

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Improve Engagement!

Learn more about ways to foster engagement with this helpful manager guide.

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