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Employees Leaving DePaul

​​​​​There are a variety of reasons why an employee's employment with DePaul University may end. Details for various situations and actions needed can be found below.


Employees who plan to leave DePaul through resignation or retirement are encouraged to talk with their manager as soon as they can to enable a smooth transition. Your manager will need to work with you and other university areas on a variety of issues related to your departure from DePaul, such as technology related issues. It is encouraged that a 2-week notice is given for resignations, and an 8- to 10-week notice for retiring employees.

For employees planning to retire, additional information about criteria and steps to retirement can be found in the Retiree Benefits page.

Exit Surveys

Employees will be emailed an Exit Survey once their resignation/retirement end date has been processed by their manager. Employees who would like to speak directly with a member from the ER&EEO team have the option of requesting an exit interview after completing the survey. 

Completion of the Exit Survey allows employees leaving DePaul the opportunity to provide insight into their employment experiences at DePaul.  This feedback is vitally important to assist us in analyzing the root causes of retention and turnover and helping us to improve DePaul’s status as an employer of choice.

If you did not recieve an Exit Survey by email or have any questions, please reach out to

Involuntary Termination

Involuntary termination is when management makes the decision that an employee should be released from his/her job responsibilities. In all situations, an ER&EEO representative must be consulted prior to the involuntary termination of an employee. This consultation will determine if appropriate and documented progressive discipline procedures have been applied.

All involuntary terminations must be approved by the Vice President of Human Resources.

In certain cases of involuntary termination, the Severance Pay Plan for Staff Employees may apply.

For questions or concerns regarding an involuntary termination, contact Employee Relations & Equal Employment Opportunity.

Manager Responsibilities When an Employee Leaves DePaul

Managers are responsible for taking timely action when it is known that an employee will be leaving the university. Detailed actions that managers need to take can be found on the Termination Checklist for Managers.

To discuss any outstanding issues or concerns, managers can consult with an ER&EEO representative.

Benefits Information Related to Leaving DePaul

Depending on the reason that an employee leaves DePaul (e.g., retirement, resignation or termination), there is the possibility of continuing options for the benefits that the employee elected or qualified for while employed at the university. Employees should review the benefits-related information here as soon as they know they will be leaving DePaul.