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Termination Checklist for Managers

​​When it is known that an employee will be leaving the university, managers are responsible for completing the following actions in a timely manner. (Note: Employees who are being transferred or promoted are not part of the online termination request process.)

Managers are responsible for initiating a termination request through BlueSky as soon as possible. All termination requests must be processed prior to the employee's departure to ensure that all access is removed and to avoid any overpayment of wages. A termination request can be postdated in the system. Please note that employees may NOT use vacation time for their last day worked. Individuals must be present in the office on their last day of employment with the university.

  1. Log in to
  2. Navigate to the Termination tile (Home > My Team > Termination).
  3. Select an employee you want to terminate, then click on View Assignment.
  4. Choose the assignment you want to end and click on Terminate.
  5. Select the Termination Notification Date and Employee's Last Day of WorkNote: The Termination Notification Date is when the person notified their manager (or when the person was notified of the termination).
  6. Select a Reason for Termination from the dropdown menu.
  7. Select an Action Reason from the dropdown menu.
  8. Add Termination Documentation (e.g., resignation letter).
  9. If necessary, write some additional information in the Comments section.
  10. Click Submit.
Note: The termination will not take effect until HR Central has approved the request. The requestor will be notified via e-mail once the transaction has been completed. If an employee’s termination date changes prior to their departure, notification of a status change must be made to HR Central at or by phone at (312) 362-7505.

In addition to initiating a termination request​ in BlueSky, managers should take the following steps:​​

  • Managers should provide notification to remaining staff that the employee is no longer employed with the department or university. Communicating early can avoid gossip or insecurity about the transition. Additionally, review how work may be redistributed temporarily.
  • All department materials and other proprietary items such as files and records should be collected.
  • Resolve scheduled trainings, workshops, and travel issues/reimbursements.
  • All university-owned equipment including but not limited to: cellular phones, pagers/two-way radio, iPads/tablets and laptops should be returned prior to the employee’s last day of employment. If an employee wishes to purchases or keep any equipment for any reason, Procurement Services must be notified.
  • Manager collects all keys issued.
  • DePaul identification card and building passes must be obtained from employee and forwarded to ID Card Services.
  • Staff who remain as active enrolled students may retain their ID Card but manager should notify IDAdmin at to remove any non-student access or privileges.
  • Complete the IS form to Move/Add/Change a phone line to make the appropriate changes to phone access.
  • Email netadmin and request they transfer any departmental IT resources the employee may manage (e.g. departmental email accounts or lists, W: drive folders, meetings rooms, etc.) to another person in the department.
  • Schedule a time for pickup of personal items. A property removal form will be required for Loop Campus employees. (Loop Public Safety: 312-362-8400).

Department Actions Taken (if applicable)
Benefits and Compensation Continuation of benefits administration.
Internal Information Infrastructure Updates online directory.
ID Card Services Deactivates ID card and access to university buildings.
NetAdmin Deletes Outlook Email Accounts, U:Drive data, Box data, and removes all Network and other system access (e.g. PeopleSoft, Imagenow, Data Warehouse, SharePoint, Tableau, Digication, etc.). Please make sure that all emails needed are saved or forwarded before employee’s actual termination date. Any data stored in the employee’s computer, their U:Drive, or their Box account which may be needed for departmental use should be moved to a location the manager or department can access (W drive, Box, etc.). All content from Digication should be downloaded prior to departure. If you need assistance with Digitcation, please contact with questions.
Payroll Issues vacation payout, verifies employee has no outstanding balances related to PC loans, parking permits, or payroll advances.
Note: Employee’s manager should audit vacation time entry prior to termination date.
Procurement Cancels ProCard.
Note: If a cardholder leaves the university for any reason, the approving official is responsible for obtaining the ProCard and original receipts. If the reason for termination involves fraud or misuse of the ProCard, Procurement must be notified immediately.
Staffing Begins recruitment process for open staff positions.
Note: Prompt processing of the required documents allows the manager the opportunity to begin immediate recruiting efforts to fill their vacancy.