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DePaul Full and Part Time Performance Appraisal Process

Performance Year: Fiscal Year/July 1 - June 30

Reviews due to Human Resources by Oct. 1st

The annual performance appraisal process is designed for all full time and part time staff to:

  • Foster engagement by connecting individual contributions to overall university results.
  • Influence future performance through clarity around performance expectations, goals, and behaviors.
  • Develop employees through reflection on strengths and opportunities for growth.
  • Encourage open and ongoing dialogue between employees and managers.
  • Recognize and document successful performance.

The DePaul University Staff Performance Appraisal Form is available online via myHR by clicking Main Menu > Self Service > Performance Management > My Performance Documents.

View the step-by-step e-performance demo.

  • 4 Weeks Prior to Appraisal Discussion
    • The manager schedules the performance appraisal discussion and asks the employee to complete their section of the performance appraisal form.
  • 2-3 Weeks Prior to Appraisal Discussion
    • The employee completes their self appraisal in myHR.
    • The manager receives an email notifying them when the employee has completed the form. They review the employee self-appraisal and complete the manager section of the form including an overall performance rating for the year.
    • The manager discusses the completed appraisal with second level manager before returning it to the employee. Electronic approval by the second level reviewer is required for an overall rating of below expectations or unsatisfactory.
    • The employee receives an email when the complete appraisal is available for their review prior to the discussion.
  • The Appraisal Discussion
    • The manager and employee meet to discuss the employee’s performance and specific examples of both strengths and areas for improvement.
    • Both the employee and manager offer specific examples and rationale for any areas of rating disagreement.
    • The manager determines final performance rating and comments.
  • Immediate After Appraisal Discussion
    • The employee electronically acknowledges that they have discussed their performance appraisal with their manager and all ratings were explained.
    • The employee electronically submits the review to HR.

Goal Setting

  • Goals for the upcoming performance cycle are discussed by the manager and employee after completing the annual performance review.
  • Performance goals should align with the team, department and university goals.
  • The employee enters up to five goals for the next year in the online appraisal form.
  • The manager reviews and approves goals.