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As an Employee

​​​​Below is an overview for employees of DePaul’s ePerformance process. For details, view this step-by-step process guide for employees.

1. Open Document

  • Click here:
  • Or go to myHR and click on Main Menu > Manager Self Service > Performance Management > Performance Documents > Current Documents

2. Add and Edit Goals


  • Enter the goals you have worked towards and/or completed this year.
  • Managers and employees can edit the goals. Managers must Approve.
  • You cannot continue to the Self Evaluation until you have entered your goals and they have been Approved by your manager.

3. Complete Each Section: Add Ratings and Comments


  • Sections to complete: Goals, Job Responsibilities, Core Behaviors, Manager Core Behaviors (managers only), Employee Development, Overall Summary.
  • Click Complete.

4. Manager Review, Appraisal Meeting, Acknowledge Document

  • Your manager will review and complete their portion of the appraisal, they will then send it back to you to review before the in person performance discussion.
  • After the performance discussion is finished, you click Acknowledge to submit your document to HR and complete the process.

5. Review Document and Future Goal Setting

  • Once the process is complete, you can review the performance document at: Main Menu > Self Service > Performance Management > My Performance Documents > Historical Documents
  • Goals for next year should be set collaboratively by employees and managers. Employees should record FY20-21 performance goals within a simple word document as the form will be changing for next year’s reviews.​​