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Our Compensation Philosophy

DePaul University’s mission is to make an extraordinary education accessible. Our namesake, St. Vincent de Paul, consistently recognized and respected the dignity of each person, and our compensation philosophy is aligned with guiding principles based on our Vincentian values. We are committed to treating all DePaul employees fairly, and our compensation programs, policies, and practices will support this commitment.

Our Guiding Principles

We value the collective work and contributions of all individual staff members at DePaul University. We evaluate our compensation against peers in our industry and marketplace.
  • We align the work of our employees to DePaul’s overall success and mission through the performance management program; individual goals are linked to the university’s strategic and operational goals.
  • We support a fair, equitable, and consistent approach to compensation for all employees, and recognize individual results through the use of an annual merit review process based on performance and the achievement of goals.
  • We provide a competitive overall compensation package, including a competitive base salary, benefit programs for employees and their dependents, retirement savings opportunities, and optional work/life programs.

Program Administration

DePaul strives to deliver fair and competitive compensation that enables the university to attract, retain, and engage highly qualified individuals with the requisite expertise and skills to serve the mission of the university. We will:
  • Collect, analyze, and utilize pertinent market-driven salary data from both higher education and general industries in the Chicago area to develop equitable salary grades that take into account roles, responsibilities and requirements of the jobs;
  • Pay all employees within the minimum and maximum of their respective salary ranges;
  • Develop and enforce administrative guidelines to ensure the compensation program is administered in a consistent, impartial, and sustainable manner;
  • Uphold ethical conduct and legal compliance in the application of compensation policies, rules, practices, and all applicable employment laws and regulations;
  • Review our philosophy and practices to ensure that our guiding principles and values are consistently upheld in practical administration;
  • Communicate any changes to this philosophy, our compensation policy, and our administration of the program in a timely manner.

Salary Administration Guidelines

DePaul has detailed salary administration guidelines for ensuring that staff salaries are administered appropriately across the university. ​Current DePaul employees can access these guidelines and additional compensation resources