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Job Family Framework

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DePaul uses a Job Family Framework to classify similar roles together.

This helps with consistent and fair application of the staff compensation program. The Job Family Framework also helps to identify potential career paths and facilitate a successful career progression.

The Job Family Framework consists of three different classifications:

  • Job Families
  • Job Functions
  • Job Categories

The Job Family Framework helps to group jobs by the nature of the work, rather than by the organizational or reporting structure.

Graphic that defines the elements of the Job Family Framework, including job families, job functions and job categories 

Your peers within your department are likely part of the same Job Family as you, and may be part of the same Job Function.

Job Families

Job Families are groups of jobs that are similar in the field/profession of the work and core accountabilities.

Examples of Job Families:

Family: Human Resources
Family: Academic Support
Family: Library Services

View a comprehensive list of DePaul Job Families.

Job Functions

Job Functions are sub-sets within a Job Family and are used to further group jobs.

Examples of Job Functions (with corresponding Job Families):

Family: Human Resources
Functions: Compensation, Benefits

Family: Academic Support
Functions: Advising

Family: Library Services
Functions: Collections, Archives

Job Categories

Job Categories describe the overall nature of work performed.

We have three Job Categories at DePaul:

Support (non-exempt)
Professional (exempt)
Management (exempt)

For more information and detailed descriptions of Job Categories and Job Levels, please refer to the Additional Resources page.

For definitions of Job Categories and Job Levels, please refer to the Salary Administration Guidebook. For a comprehensive listing of Job Families (and their corresponding functions), please visit the Job Families page.​