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DePaul Central is your one-stop resource for helping you manage the business side of being a student.

We’re here to help answer your questions. Join us in the DePaul Central Zoom Lobby for assistance from 9am-12pm (10am-12pm on Wednesdays).
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Important Messages

Offices are closed, but remote service is available!
To do our part for the health and welfare of our students and staff, we are currently telecommuting. Both DePaul Central locations are closed, but we are still available to assist you!
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Did you receive a call from Student Connections?
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A new version of the iDePaul app is now available.
You can download the app on your device by going to http://onelink.to/cmr4vb

Federal Parent PLUS Loan Application
The 2020-21 Federal Parent PLUS Loan application is available on studentaid.gov. The estimated loan amount listed in your financial aid offer is the maximum amount your parent may request – they should indicate a specific dollar amount in the application to simplify the loan process. We will update financial aid offers to include approved Parent PLUS Loans after July 13, 2020.
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Share My Information
Share My Information is a feature in Campus Connect that provides students the ability to allow others access to view and discuss specific information on the student’s behalf.
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BlueStar supports student academic success by helping connect students with their advisors, instructors and other DePaul resources.
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