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Share My Information

Share My Information is a feature in Campus Connect that provides students the ability to allow parents, guardians or others (their "guests") access to view certain information associated with the student.

Students can access the "Share My Information" tool through their Campus Connect Student Homepage to begin the process of delegating access to specific information.
  • Campus Connect > Profile tile > Share Information and Privacy > Delegate Access to a new contact >Terms & Conditions
Web Access
Students can grant view-only web access to allow guests the ability to review the student information they would like to share.  When a student grants this access, their guest will receive an email with steps to create their own Campus Connect username and password.  Guests may then access Campus Connect, using their own credentials, to access the student information.  For assistance in creating a guest username and password, please review the Guest Setup Help tutorial.  

Students may allow view-only access to guests to view the following information:
  • Class Schedule — list of courses, times and locations
  • Contact Information — address, phone numbers, emails
  • Course History — view courses taken, transfer credit and grades
  • Emergency Contacts — names and numbers
  • Financial Aid — cost of attendance, award and disbursement
  • Holds — information regarding academic and financial holds
  • To Do List — information regarding academic and financial to-dos
  • Phone/ In-Person Passcode — passcode to allow conversations on your behalf
Phone/ In-Person Passcode
In addition to granting view-only access in Campus Connect, students can also allow that same guest to discuss selected information with DePaul University staff using a unique passcode. This passcode expires annually and is required for any in-person or phone conversation on the student’s behalf.

Renewing Phone/ In-Person Passcode
After the end of each Spring Quarter, students will need to renew their guest's Phone/ In-Person Passcode if they'd like that guest to continue discussing selected information with DePaul representatives. Students and their guests will receive an expiration notice email 10 days before the passcode is set to expire. The email to students will also include these steps to renew their guest’s passcode:
  • Log into Campus Connect
  • Select the Profile tile
  • Locate the guest’s name from the Share My Information – Summary panel and select the “Renew Guest Passcode” button

After renewing a passcode, students and their guests will receive an email confirming the passcode renewal and provide the steps guests may follow to use their new passcode with DePaul University staff members.

Share My Information FAQ's Sheet

Note: It is the sole right and responsibility of the student to grant or delete access to other parties. Both the student and the individual rece​iving access will get an email when access has been granted. The email to the guest contains necessary information to establish their access.