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Course Cart

In Campus Connect, students can use the Course Cart function to help prepare for registration. Classes can easily be added to the Course Cart by either the Class Search or Planner. Adding classes to the Course Cart helps students better prepare and makes for one less step during registration.

Please note the following when using the Course Cart function:
  • You can begin adding classes to the Course Cart after you receive your enrollment date and time email.
  • You can Validate your enrollment to ensure all of the prerequisites are met.
  • You must follow the Steps to Enroll to complete the registration process.

Please be aware that adding classes to your course cart does not guarantee a spot in the class.

Campus Connect​ > Manage Classes


Before your registration date and enrollment time, please be sure to use the Validate function to ensure that all prerequisites for the course(s) you intend to enroll in are met. If you have put courses in your Course Cart, you should use the Validate function before completing the enrollment process.

Campus Connect > Manage Classes​​