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Add, Drop, Swap Classes

Registration Queuing 

Continuing students are assigned a registration start-time within a 7 day period, and may continue to enroll through the last day to add classes for the upcoming term. DePaul queues student registration start times in that 7 day period based on proximity to graduation as evidenced by credit hours earned.   Registration times for students are emailed to students in the 4th week of the prior term.  

Students are encouraged to register at the earliest possible time.  Students who register within an hour of their initial registration time, in the next registration cycle will automatically be bumped up to the first registration appointment within their student level (Freshmen, Sophomore, etc. or Grad credit hour grouping).   

In Campus Connect, students can use the Add, Drop and Swap functions to help manage their registration. Keep in mind that any changes to enrollment can have tuition and financial aid implications.


This is the function you select if you are ready to enroll in a course(s).


This is the function you select if you are going to drop a course(s).


This function allows you to swap a class you are currently enrolled in for a another one. If you are currently enrolled in another section of the same course or in a class that has a time conflict with the waitlisted course, using the Swap feature will automatically replace the enrolled course with the desired waitlisted one when a seat becomes available. See the waitlist page for more information.

View the Learning Center for more help and videos.

To perform these actions, go to Campus Connect > Manage Classes.​​​​​​​