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DePaul University’s mission is to make an extraordinary education accessible. Our namesake, St. Vincent de Paul, consistently recognized and respected the dignity of each person, and our compensation philosophy is aligned with guiding principles based on our Vincentian values. We are committed to treating all DePaul employees fairly, and our compensation programs, policies, and practices will support this commitment.

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Salary Administration Guidelines

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This document describes guidelines for ensuring that staff salaries are administered appropriately across the university.

Our Compensation Philosophy

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DePaul's compensation philosophy is aligned with guiding principles based on our university's Vincentian values. 

Staff Recognition Program

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This program is designed to reward distinctive and exceptional achievements that go above and beyond.

Pay and Benefits Statement

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DePaul University is proud to offer a valuable compensation and benefits package.

Job Family Framework

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Identify potential career paths and facilitate a successful career progression.

Employee Compensation Guidebook

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This guidebook provides an overview of the compensation program for staff employees at DePaul University.