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Employee Referral Program

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​DePaul recognizes that employee referrals are a proven way to effectively attract and hire top talent into our university workforce. To encourage current DePaul employees to refer qualified candidates for open full-time staff positions, DePaul offers the Employee Referral Program.

Through the Employee Referral Program, a DePaul employee may be eligible to receive a $1,000 bonus for referring an external candidate who is hired into a full-time position. The referral bonus will be paid to the referring DePaul employee after the referred staff hire successfully completes six months of employment within a full-time position at DePaul. The bonus will be subject to required deductions and tax withholdings.

This program is effective for referrals made on or after July 1, 2022, and is subject to being revised or discontinued at any time.


Referring DePaul Employees

Eligible: All part-time and full-time employees are able to refer candidates. To be eligible at the time of pay out, the referring employee must be an active employee in good standing (not on a performance improvement plan or progressive discipline) to receive the bonus.  

Not Eligible: Hiring manager for the position, academic and administrative officers (VPs and Deans), union, temporary and seasonal employees, and employees on the Talent Acquisition team in Human Resources.

Referred Candidates

Eligible: External candidate (not a current DePaul employee) who meets the qualifications for an open full-time staff position.

Not Eligible: Former DePaul employees, contractors, student employees, and immediate family members of the referring DePaul employee.

Referral Process

The referring DePaul employee will email a referral link throug​​h Blu​eSky​​​ to the candidate. The candidate can use the link they receive by email to apply to the position.  (Note: The referring DePaul employee is encouraged to follow up with the candidate to ensure that they have applied for the position.)

    • Click here​ for a PDF with step-by-step instructions on how to email a referral link.​
If your referral has already applied to the position, you may click this link​, and complete a Qualtrics form. Please only use this form if your referral has already applied to the open job in BlueSky.

If the candidate is hired for a full-time position, the Talent Acquisition team will contact the referring DePaul employee with more details. Note: While the initial referral must be made for a specific position, the Talent Acquisition team may consider the candidate for other full-time positions for up to six months after the initial referral.

Frequently Asked Questions

Staff positions that are open to external candidates can be found through DePaul's Human Resources website.

The initial referral must be for a specific full-time staff position opening. However, if the referred candidate is not hired into that position but is hired into another full-time staff position within six months of the initial referral, the referring DePaul employee is still eligible for the bonus.

No. At this time the Employee Referral Program only applies to full-time staff positions.

No. The hiring manager for the position, employees within Human Resources, academic and administrative officers (VPs and Deans), union, seasonal and temporary employees, and employees on the Talent Acquisition team in Human Resources are not eligible to receive a referral bonus.

Yes, as long as the position does not report to you.

Any external candidate who is qualified for an open full-time staff position who is not your immediate family member, a former DePaul employee, a contractor, or a student employee.

To refer a candidate, use BlueSky to email a link that the candidate can use to apply to the position. (Click here for a PDF with step-by-step instructions on how to email a referral link.) We encourage you to follow up with the candidate you refer to ensure that they apply for the position.

There is no limit to how many candidates you can refer.

Yes. A referring DePaul employee will receive a $1,000 bonus (subject to required deductions and tax withholdings) for each staff hire they refer who successfully completes six months of employment within a full-time position at DePaul.

A one-time payment will be made to the referring employee after the first pay period following the referred employee’s introductory period (six months). Before the payment is made, it will be confirmed that both employees are active and that the referring employee is not on a performance improvement plan or progressive discipline and that the referred candidate is on track to successfully complete the introductory period. The bonus payment will be disbursed through Payroll. 

Referred candidates are eligible for consideration for up to six months.

Yes. Talent Acquisition will send you a confirmation email letting you know your referral has been hired.

You can reach out to the Talent Acquisition Team by completing a Talent Acquisition Inquiry Form.