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Employment & Income Verification Service

DePaul University has partnered with an income and employment verification service, InVerify. This service will help with gathering verification information needed to apply for:

  • Loans, home mortgage, new job, or rental qualification

  • OR
  • Social Service benefits such as temporary assistance, housing assistance, child support or nutrition assistance

See the full brochure for more information. Download the Verifier Response document.

For Employment Verification

Includes employment status, start date, job title, length of service, etc. with no income information.

Verifier will need:

  • Company Code: DPU210
  • Your Social Security Number

For Income Verification

Includes payroll data, YTD wages, historical pay information, etc.

Verifier will need:

  • Company Code: DPU210
  • Your Social Security Number
  • Your Income Key
    • Income Key for DePaul University is the last 4 numbers of the SSN+ the first 3 characters of the last name
      Ex. John Smith = 9999smi

Contact InVerify
(866) 295-7363

Please refer verifiers to or (866) 295-7363 for customer support/assistance. You will register and obtain a login for the InVerify secure self-service site.

Important Note:  DePaul University seeks to protect the privacy of its present and former employees with a procedure that strictly limits the release of information to outside resources for home and automotive loans, personal credit, and establishing an employee's salary history for the purposes of new employment, among other applications. Information given to third parties will be limited to employment status, job title, dates of employment, and verification of salary information (if an Income Key is provided by the employee).