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Retiree Benefits

Retiree Benefits

Learn more about your benefits as a retiree.

This section provides detailed information about our retiree benefits package, as well as contact information and supplemental documents that can help you understand your retiree benefits. If you have any questions about the benefits or eligibility, please contact us.

BCBS Retiree Info Sessions

In March 2017, BCBS hosted on-campus retiree information sessions and an interactive webinar to provide retirees with additional details and clarifications on benefits under the Medicare Advantage Group Plan offered beginning 1/1/2017.

A copy of the presentation slides is available by clicking here.

A recording of the webinar (runs 1 hour) is available by clicking here.

Important Note: Effective January 1, 2017, DePaul is offering a new medical plan option for DePaul retirees who are age 65 and over and eligible for Medicare.

Contact Info:
  • Medicare Advantage Customer Service: 1-877-299-1008. (TTY/TDD users should call 711). 8:00 am a 8:00 pm Monday-Sunday
  • Pharmacy Help Desk: 877-277-7898
  • Walgreens Mail Order: 877-277-7895


The university provides a retiree medical plan for faculty and staff who meet certain age and service requirements.  The plan provides comprehensive coverage, including coverage for prescription drugs. For employees hired after April 1, 2006, retiring employees will pay 100 percent of the insurance premiums.

If you are enrolled in a DePaul medical plan at time of retirement, you have the ability to enroll in DePaul’s retiree medical coverage. More information will be provided at time of retirement. In lieu of retiree medical coverage, you may elect medical plan continuation under COBRA for up to 18 months. If you elect medical coverage through COBRA, you will irrevocably waive the retiree medical coverage and will not be permitted to enroll in the retiree medical plan when your COBRA benefits end.

2017 Information

We have partnered with Blue Cross Blue Shield to offer you a Medicare Advantage plan for retirees. Click here to see a helpful list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). These FAQs will answer initial questions you may have about this plan.

2017 80-20 Rate Sheet
2017 70-30 Rate Sheet
2017 Flat Dollar Sheet
2017 Full Rate Sheet

Medicare Advantage Extra Rewards Letter
Over- the-Counter Benefit Flier
Rewards and Incentive Program Flier
Silver Sneakers Flier
TruHearing Flier

Medicare Advantage Presentation

2016 Retiree Medical SPD (for Medicare-eligible retirees) Active Employee SPD (for non-Medicare eligible retirees)
2017 Summary of Benefits2017 Medicare Advantage vs PPO Comparison Chart

Dental/Vision/Health Care Flexible Spending Account

Dental, vision, and the health care flexible spending account (if applicable) are not available in the retiree benefits program. They end as of the last day of the month in which you retire. If you wish to continue any of these plans, COBRA is your only option. You may elect to continue coverage under COBRA by paying the full cost of the plan shown on the COBRA enrollment form. A COBRA enrollment packet will be mailed to your home within 4 weeks of your retirement. Find 2017 COBRA rates on the Health Benefits page.

For dental coverage, you may also wish to contact Delta Dental to purchase an individual policy. The dental products offered by Delta Dental are not sponsored by the university and are not part of the DePaul University Retiree Medical Plan or any other health benefits coverage sponsored by the university. If you decide to purchase dental through Delta Dental, then Delta Dental will perform all enrollment, billing and claims processing related to your coverage. For cost and complete details regarding this coverage, contact Delta Dental online at or call (800) 971- 4108. 

403(b) Retirement Plan

You may wish to contact or arrange a meeting with TIAA and/or Fidelity Investments to receive an explanation of your benefit options under the 403(b) retirement plan. To arrange a meeting on campus, they can be contacted at the following numbers:
TIAA (800) 842-2776
Fidelity Investments (800) 343-0860

Group Life Insurance

Group life insurance coverage as well as any spouse or dependent life insurance will end at 5:00 p.m. on your last day of work as an active employee. However, you do have the option to convert your coverage. When you convert coverage, you switch to an individual insurance policy. Evidence of Insurability is not required for conversion. You have 31 days from the date your group coverage terminates (your last day of work) to apply for insurance conversion with Liberty Mutual Insurance and pay your first premium. Contact Liberty Mutual at (888) 287-8494, prompt 4, for additional information related to converting your life insurance coverage.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

Group accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance coverage, if you elected it, will end at 5 pm on your last day of work. This coverage is not available for conversion or porting by retiring employees.

Long Term Disability Insurance

Coverage under DePaul’s long term disability insurance will end at 5 pm on your last day of work. You have 31 days from the date your group coverage terminates (your last day of work) to apply for insurance conversion with Liberty Mutual Insurance and pay your first premium. To determine your options for converting your long term disability insurance, contact the disability conversion service center of John Hewitt and Associates (JHA) at (888) 786-2688.

Tuition Waiver Benefits

Retired employees continue to be eligible for the university’s tuition waiver program. This waiver will apply to you, your spouse, and tuition eligible dependents. Please refer to the tuition waiver policy on the university’s policies & procedures website for further details.

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

The dependent care flexible spending account ends your last day worked. Contributions to your account will stop with your final paycheck. If you have funds remaining in your dependent care flexible spending account at time of termination, you may continue to submit claims for eligible expenses incurred through the last day of the plan year in which you were making contributions and the following grace period. There is no option to continue the dependent care flexible spending account through COBRA.

METLIFE Voluntary Auto, Renters, and Homeowners Insurance

If you are paying premiums through payroll deduction, your policy will terminate at the end of the last pay period you are paid. You are, however, able to continue your policy by paying the premiums directly to the insurance carrier. To set up a direct billing arrangement with MetLife, call 800-438-6388.

Acme Credit Union

Your membership will not be affected by your retirement from DePaul University. You can reach the Acme Credit Union at (312) 822-4986.

Other University Benefits

Email: Ability to maintain DePaul University email account.
Bookstore Discounts: 10 percent off textbooks and 20 percent off general books (not already discounted) and merchandise at DePaul Barnes & Noble.
Ray Meyer Fitness Center Discount: For more information contact the Ray Meyer Fitness Center at (773) 325-4555.
ID/Campus Connection: DePaul Retiree ID and basic Campus Connect access.
Theatre and School of Music Productions: Two free tickets to any Chicago Playworks production at DePaul’s Merle Reskin Theatre. To request tickets contact the box office at (312) 922-1999 or by email at Shows are listed at
Art Museum: Invitations to quarterly exhibition opening receptions and other special events such as lectures and film screenings.

Second Domiciled Adult Coverage

An eligible employee who retires from DePaul University with a related or an unrelated Second Domiciled Adult (SDA) covered on the medical plan at the time of retirement may continue to cover the SDA as long as he/she continues to meet the Plan’s eligibility requirements. Refer to the Health Benefits Plans Summary Plan Description for additional details regarding eligibility and coverage.

The retired employee must pay the full cost of a Related SDA’s coverage regardless of the retired employee’s grandfathered group classification under the terms of the retiree medical plan. DePaul will share in the cost of coverage for an Unrelated SDA based on the retired employee’s grandfathered group classification (Refer to the Understanding Retiree Medical Plan Changes Brochure).

Returning to work at DePaul after Retirement?

If you are enrolled in the retiree medical plan and return to work in a part-time faculty position at DePaul, you may continue to be eligible to participate in the plan; however, if you become eligible for part-time benefits, you will be offered the active part-time plan and will not be allowed back into the retiree medical plan at any time in the future.  If you are re-hired into a full-time position, you will not be eligible to participate in the retiree medical plan until you subsequently retire.  For more information, contact the Benefits Department at (312) 362-8232 or

Contact Information and Resources

For general questions or comments about the DePaul Emeritus Society, please contact Alice Farrell in the Office of Mission and Values at (312) 362-8822 or

For questions about retiree health benefits, to update your contact information, or to inquire about any other Human Resources issues, please contact Human Resources at (312) 362-8500 or