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Learn all about DePaul's retiree benefits. Find the latest news and updates on this page. You can also learn about some of the popular benefits and features of the Retiree Medical Program.

Note: The Office of Human Resources has transitioned to virtual operations due to COVID-19. The Human Resources team will be available from Monday - Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. via email, telephone, or Zoom meetings until further notice.  If you are not able to reach us immediately by telephone, please be patient.  We will return emails and calls as quickly as we can. 

2021 Open Enrollment for Retiree Medical Program Members

The timeframe for changing your benefits elections this year is from Mon., October 26, 2020, through Fri., November 6. The changes will take effect Jan. 1, 2021. Click here for current 2021 Open Enrollment information.

News for Retiree Medical Program Members

Retiree PPO & HMO Premium Payments During COVID-19:

For those Retirees who are enrolled in the Retiree PPO and Retiree HMO plans and send monthly premium checks to DePaul University’s Benefits Department, please continue to send your payments to Human Resources.  Note: We are not able to process checks more frequently than once per month given the current stay-at-home order, but we are collecting payments from the office at least monthly and will increase frequency when protocols allow.  In the meantime, please do not be concerned if your check is not cashed in a timely fashion.  Also, do not be concerned that you will have a lapse in coverage due to DePaul not cashing your premium payments.  You will have continued coverage while we are unable to process your checks, and we will reconcile any uncashed checks as soon as we are able to access the office again.

MAPD Premium Payments During COVID-19:

MAPD Retirees should continue to make monthly premium payments directly to BCBS as you have been – there is no change to their process for the time being.

MAPD ID Cards: 

MAPD members who received a new ID card from BCBS for 2020 with the alpha-prefix of XOD in the member's ID number will be receiving a corrected card from BCBS. Unfortunately, due to a printing error, the cards should have been issued with the alpha-prefix JLX for 2020, as in the prior year. The prefix did not change from last year, although other minor cosmetic changes were made to the card, per Medicare standards. The HR team has been working with BCBS's leadership team to remedy this issue, and we appreciate your patience as BCBS re-issues the cards. BCBS representatives have been extensively trained to assist in any calls from members to providers about this issue. BCBS has pledged to mail out all corrected cards ASAP, so that members can receive them during the week of January 20th. In the meantime, if you are experiencing any difficulty with your provider verifying coverage or identifying you as a MAPD member, please contact us so we can escalate with BCBS.

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Benefit Program:

In 2020, BCBS made a global change from an OTC debit card program to a new catalog OTC program.  As a result of issues with this transition, the DePaul Benefits Team escalated a number of issues with BCBS.  In response, BCBS has made the following improvements to the program:

1) BCBS increased the monthly benefit value from $20 to $30.

2) Vitamins were added into program effective March 1, 2020, so you should have received an updated catalog with the vitamin choices included, as well as other product choices up to your increased $30 benefit level.  You can also view the catalog choices by logging into the Convey site.

3) BCBS is offering MAPD members a $15 gift card from Walmart, to be used on health related purchases, vitamins, or medicines.  This is a one-time offering, because of the transitional issues encountered in January, and was mailed separately from BCBS’s communication.   

Please be aware that BCBS mailed letters to MAPD members with this information in March 2020. (Click here for a copy of this letter.)

If you have any questions, you may reach BCBS’s MAPD customer service line at the number on the back of your MAPD card (877-299-1008) or DePaul’s Benefits Team (312-362-8232).

Need personal assistance? Review your options with a Benefits Specialist at or ext. 28232

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For questions about retiree health benefits, to update your contact information, or to inquire about any other Human Resources issues, please contact Human Resources at (312) 362-8500 or