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Tuition Benefits

​​​​​​DePaul offers great tuition benefits for eligible faculty and staff. You can also learn more about tuition discounts at DePaul College Prep for the dependents of qualified employees. Find more information below about the following topics:
  • Faculty and Staff Tuition Waiver

  • Tuition for Dependents of Faculty and Staff

  • Tuition Exchange Program

  • DePaul College Prep

Faculty and Staff Tuition Waiver

All full-time faculty and staff are immediately eligible for the tuition waiver benefit. A faculty or staff's full-time employment date must precede the last day to drop classes with no penalty (refer to academic calendar) in order to have the waiver applied to the academic term during which they are hired. Tuition waivers are allowed for a maximum of 8 credit hours per quarter or 10 hours per semester in the College of Law. Certain restrictions apply as detailed in the policy. Waivers are taxable in certain situations as defined in the Tuition Waiver policy. Learn more about taxable tuition waivers on the Financial Affairs taxable tuition page. Tuition waiver benefit is available to part-time faculty who meet the eligibility requirements delineated in the Tuition Waiver Policy. For detail, read the Tuition Waiver policy.

Tuition for Dependents of Faculty and Staff

After 1 year of full-time service, spouses or unrelated SDAs, and dependent children of faculty and staff employees are eligible for tuition waivers. Spouses or Unrelated SDAs are eligible for a full tuition waiver for undergraduate and graduate-level courses, while dependent children are eligible for waivers that cover 100 percent of course tuition at the undergraduate level and 50 percent at the graduate level. Certain restrictions apply as detailed in the Tuition Waiver policy. Waivers are taxable in certain situations as defined in the Tuition Waiver policy. Additional documentation is required for an eligible dependent child to obtain a tax-exempt undergraduate tuition waiver. For details, read the Tuition Waiver policy.

Tuition Exchange Program

The application period for the 2022/23 Tuition Exchange Program has closed; the deadline to apply was October 1, 2021.  

Tuition Exc​hange offers national scholarship exchange programs for the dependents of employees of member schools, including DePaul Unive​​rsity. See the Tuition Exchange Program Guidelines for more information.

Dependent children of full-time faculty and staff with at least 1 year of service who are pursuing their first bachelor’s degree may apply for a scholarship at participating “host” schools. Dependent children may be eligible to attend any other school participating in the program on a full tuition exchange scholarship or at a significant tuition reduction if the dependent child is awarded a tuition exchange scholarship.​ There is a limit of 10 institutions per application. (Note: If DePaul is a school of choice, do not include DePaul as one of the 10 institutions on the Tuition Exchange application. Tuition benefits for eligible dependents applying for DePaul are covered under DePaul’s Tuition Waiver benefit program.) 

Information about Tuition Exchange, including a list of participating colleges and universities, can be found on the Tuition Exchange website.

DePaul College Prep

Dependent children of qualified DePaul faculty and staff may receive up to a $2,000 tuition discount at DePaul College Prep. For more information about qualification requirements and how to apply, visit the DePaul College Prep website.

Barnes & Noble Discount

Faculty and staff are eligible for a 10 percent discount off textbooks and 20 percent off general books (not already discounted), supplies and other store items at Barnes & Noble locations at the Loop and Lincoln Park campuses​.