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Job Categories

Job Categories refer to the nature of work performed (i.e. support, professional, management). The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) guides the classification of these positions as non-exempt vs. exempt.

We have three job categories at DePaul:

  • Support (non-exempt)
  • Professional (exempt)
  • Management (exempt)

Job Category Descriptions:


Support jobs are those jobs which provide organizational related support or service (administrative or clerical), or roles operating in a “hands on” environment in support of daily operations. The majority of time is spent in the delivery of support services or activities, typically under supervision. The jobs in this category are generally paid on an hourly basis and classified as non-exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), although assignment to this category is not a recommendation of FLSA status. Higher level support jobs may be responsible for overseeing well-defined tasks performed by non-exempt employees, but are not responsible for employee development. Jobs in this category may oversee student workers and/or volunteers.


Professional jobs have responsibility in a designated field, function or specialty area, such as human resources or advising. The majority of time is spent overseeing the design, implementation, and delivery of processes, programs, and policies using specialized knowledge and skills normally acquired through advanced education or specialized training. Professional jobs are generally exempt under the FLSA. Professional staff members may oversee the work of two or fewer direct reports and/or manage processes and programs; however, this is incidental to the primary role of the job.


Management jobs accomplish their goals and responsibilities primarily through the management staff in operational or strategic roles within a specified job family/function. Jobs in the management category have the management and development of people as a major accountability, and generally have direct reports. The majority of time is spent overseeing their areas of responsibility, planning, prioritizing and/or directing the responsibilities of employees. Management jobs are generally exempt under the FLSA, so they are not eligible for overtime.

Job Level Descriptions:

Job levels have been developed within each job category. Each level describes characteristics of jobs that will be assigned to the level, including impact to the university, complexity and leadership responsibility, as well as knowledge and experience requirements. Every job at DePaul has been reviewed and compared to the criteria for our levels, and assigned to the level best suited for the role.

For details about the DePaul's compensation program, please refer to the Salary Administration Guidebook.