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As a Manager

This step-by-step guide provides managers an overview of DePaul’s ePerformance process and answers frequently asked questions.

See a step-by-step walkthrough of the ePerformance document.

1. Open Document, Edit and Approve Goals

  • Go to myHR and click on Main Menu > Manager Self Service > Performance Management > Performance Documents > Current Documents
  • You will have access to edit the goals. You must Approve the finalized goals before the rest of the document is made available.

2. Reopening Document

  • If an employee needs to make changes to their Self Evaluation—you will need to reopen their document. Note: You cannot reopen the Define Goals section, contact HR at for help with this.
  • In the Steps and Tasks menu, click Review Self Evaluation and then View — Note: YOUR POP-UP BLOCKER MIGHT BLOCK THIS PAGE
  • In the View menu, click Reopen

3. Complete Each Section: Add Ratings, Comments, Attach Documents


  • Complete your review of the employee: Goals, Job Responsibilities, Core Behaviors, Manager Core Behaviors (managers only), Employee Development, Overall Summary
  • After the employee has pressed the Complete button and you have finished the review, click Submit for Approval. If the rating is a 3, 4 or 5 the documents will automatically be approved.
  • Note: The document will be forwarded to the 2nd Level Reviewer for approval ONLY if the Overall Summary rating is a 1 or 2.

4. Share with Employee, Employee Reviews Document, Performance Discussion

  • When you finish the review, click Share with Employee to send it back to the employee for review.
  • Meet with the employee for the in-person performance discussion.
  • After the performance discussion the employee must click the Acknowledge button to submit the document to HR and complete the performance process.

5. Review Document and Future Goal Setting

  • The performance documents are always available in Campus Connect: Main Menu > Manager Self Service > Performance Management > Performance Documents > Historical Documents
  • Once the review for this year is completed and sent to HR, the document for next year’s cycle will be made available to the employee. Your employee will be able to set goals and edit them throughout the year. You will need to Approve the finalized goals.
  • Goals should be set collaboratively by employees and managers. The new goals will be entered in the system by the employee.