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Here, We Recognize!

Recognition makes us feel appreciated and valued. It also provides encouragement as we strive to carry out the mission of St. Vincent in our daily work. Whether it’s a positive shout-out during a meeting, a potluck lunch or simply a handwritten note, remember that recognition matters.​

Recognition Ideas

  • Recognition from a Manager
    Recognition from a direct manager/supervisor is a proven contributor to employee engagement by noticing, acknowledging, and recognizing the efforts, contributions, and accomplishments of their staff and colleagues.
  • Professional Development
    Encourage your employees to take advantage of DePaul's ​tuition benefits​​, BUILD training, LinkedIn Learning courses, or other opportunities for professional development.
  • Celebrate Milestones
    Recognition of an employer's birthday, years of service, and other important milestones is a good way to boost employee engagement and let them know their work matters.
  • Casual Dress Day
    Choose a day for your employees to wear DePaul apparel or casual attire at the office.
  • Little Things Matter
    Whether it's a positive shout out, a potluck lunch, or a handwritten note, small and sincere gestures of appreciation mean a lot.

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Staff Recognition Award Program

The DePaul University Staff Recognition Award Program is designed to reward distinctive and exceptional achievements that go above and beyond an employee's core job duties.

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Saint Vincent DePaul statue located in Lincoln Park.

Vincentian Awards and Recognition

The Division of Mission and Ministry recognizes members of the DePaul community who "provide exemplary service in support of our mission and values."

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