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Sick Time

The university recognizes that, at times, employees may be unable to work due to personal illness or injury, or the illness of a family member. During such instances, sick time may be used by eligible employees.

Sick time may also be used for preventive care services. Preventive care services may encompass doctor's visits for wellness check-ups, obstetrical appointments for pregnant women, routine medical test procedures. etc. Employees are not required to use vacation time for these occurrences as they contribute to overall employee health and wellness.

View the university Sick Pay policy.


  • Full-time employment
  • Non-exempt (hourly) employees accrue 10 days of sick pay per year and can accrue up to 30 days
  • Exempt (salaried) employees do not accrue sick pay

Benefit: 100 percent of salary paid and all benefits remain active as long as premiums are paid.

Process: Notification of illness should be made to an employee's supervisor no later than one (1) hour prior to the start of the scheduled workday.

Employees are responsible for following the Sick Pay policy including notification procedures.

Managers are responsible for the appropriate use of sick time, ensuring proper administration of the sick pay policy, and sick leave scheduling.

Since July 1, 2017, employees may use up to 60 hours of their accrued sick leave each calendar year to care for an immediate family member who is ill or injured.

An employee who is absent due to illness for five (5) continuous working days must contact The Hartford (DePaul's administrator for leaves of absence) at (888) 301-5615. If the employee's absence does not qualify as a medical leave of absence, the employee’s manager has the option of requesting that the employee provide a physician's note to the Benefits Team, verifying that he or she was under a doctor's care. The physician’s note is to be submitted directly to the Benefits Team​.