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Long-term Disability

Long-term disability benefits are intended to provide continuation of income for periods of time an employee is deemed totally disabled and unable to work.

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  • Full-time employment
  • Subject to approval by Liberty Mutual
  • Six month elimination period

Benefit: 66 and 2/3 precent of covered monthly salary as of the date the total disability began up to maximum monthly benefit of $15,000.

Duration: Up to a maximum length of time determined by age at the time the disability began.

Age at Disability                Maximum Benefit Period

         Less than age 60            Greater of SSNRA* or to age 65 (but not less than 5 years)

           60                                        60 months
           61                                        48 months
           62                                        42 months
           63                                        36 months
           64                                        30 months
           65                                        24 months
           66                                        21 months
           67                                        18 months
           68                                        15 months
           69 and over                     12 months

*SSNRA means the Social Security Normal Retirement Age as figured by the 1983 amendment to the Social Security Act and any subsequent amendments.

Start Date: After the greater of Short-Term Disability (STD) ending or 6 months.

Process: When an individual on approved short term disability approaches the 18th week of leave, Liberty Mutual will open a long term disability claim. The long term disability plan is insured by Liberty Mutual. Once Liberty Mutual receives and evaluates the long term disability information, a determination is made and notification is sent to the individual. The Benefits Department is also notified of the approval or denial of the long term disability claim.

Employees are responsible for adhering to the process described in the Insured Programs SPD.

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