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Short-term Disability

Short-term disability benefits are intended to provide continuation of income and benefits for periods of time an employee is medically disabled and unable to work.

View university policy on Short-term Disability.


  • At least 6 months of cumulative full-time service
  • Adherence to university policy and procedures and timely completion of all required forms

Benefit: If Short-term Disability benefits are approved (deemed medically necessary), benefits are paid biweekly for a maximum of 26 weeks of disability according to the following schedule:

  • Weeks 1-14: 100 percent of base salary paid
  • Weeks 15-26: 60 percent of base salary paid

Duration: Up to 26 weeks if medically necessary

Start date: On the first day of absence

Short-term disability leave will run concurrently with FMLA.

Employees are responsible for adhering to the disability policy as well as the application and notification procedures outlined on this website

It is the responsibility of a manager to inform an eligible employee of the availability of leave benefits in the event of the employee's disability.

Sheets from Lincoln Financial:

Short-term Disability Leave Process

1. Contact your manager to inform him or her of your absence/need for a leave of absence.

2. To initiate the leave of absence process contact Lincoln Financial Group, DePaul’s leave of absence administrator, at 800-341-0593. During the initial call with Lincoln Financial, you will be assigned a case manager who will discuss preliminary information and will send you instructions and the necessary forms you and your physician/healthcare provider must complete. You can also initiate the leave through Log on to, Lincoln Financial tile. Click on "Report a New Claim or Leave of Absence".

a. Submit all completed paperwork to Lincoln Financial no later than 21 calendar days from the day the leave was requested in order for your request to be processed. This includes the paperwork from your physician/healthcare provider. If the completed paperwork is not returned to Lincoln Financial within 21 days, your request for leave may be denied.

b. Lincoln Financial reviews, provides a determination and sends a letter of approval or denial to you. Lincoln Financial also notifies the Human Resources Department and your manager on the status of your leave request.

1. If you are on leave due to a birth or adoption of a child:

a. Contact the Benefits Department at 312-362-8232 within 31 days to complete a family status change in order to add the child to your health insurance.

b. You may also want to update your life insurance and retirement plan beneficiary information.

2. Stay in touch and provide a status update to your manager and Lincoln Financial throughout your leave.

3. If you are on an intermittent leave, you are required to submit a Payroll Leave Spreadsheet to the Benefits Department each Friday before a payroll date. The spreadsheet is used to notify the Payroll Department of the hours you work and the hours to be applied to your approved leave of absence. Failure to provide the Payroll Leave Spreadsheets on a timely basis may result in you not being paid or being underpaid.

4. If your circumstances change while you are on leave and you are able to return to work earlier than expected please notify Lincoln Financial and your manager as soon as possible before returning to work.

5. If you need to extend your leave beyond your expected return to work date, you must notify Lincoln Financial and your manager at least five work days prior to the date you had originally intended to return to work. Lincoln Financial will work with you to complete the steps necessary to extend your leave.

1. One week prior to your return to work, contact your manager and Lincoln Financial to confirm your return to work date. No additional documentation is necessary to return to work.

2. Failure to return to work on the expected return to work date or failure to notify Lincoln Financial and your manager of a needed extension to your leave may result in termination of employment.

Short-term Disability leave FAQs

 Short-term disability is DePaul’s salary continuation program and can run for up to 26 weeks for an employee if the employee has a medically necessary leave of absence.
Full-time faculty and staff with at least 6 months of cumulative full-time service are eligible for short-term disability.
Up to a maximum of 26 weeks (including the 2 weeks of sick pay for hourly employees) as long as the leave is medically necessary. The duration of short-term disability is determined by the physician.
If an employee is not able to return to work on the expected return to work date, the employee must contact Lincoln Financial (DePaul’s leave administrator) at least five days prior to the original intended return to work date in order to have the leave extended.

As you approach the 26th week of short-term disability you may want to consider applying for long-term disability. For more information about long-term disability, contact the Benefits Department at 312-362-8232.