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Wellness Program

​​​​​​Be on the lookout for details on our Wellness Program offerings for 2024.

All benefits-eligible employees have access to DePaul’s Wellness Program delivered by WellRight. 

The annual program offers wellness benefits as well as a financial incentive: All active full-time and part-time, benefits-eligible faculty and staff enrolled in DePaul’s medical plan as the primary subscriber are eligible to earn a $300 incentive credit toward the following year's medical plan premiums if they register and complete activities for the current year's Wellness Program. 

Benefits-eligible employees can access their WellRight account by visiting and clicking on the W​ellRight tile on your homepage. Employees may also invite their spouse/partner to register for the wellness benefits offered by WellRight through the WellRight account. ​

2023 Wellness Program

The 2023 Wellness Program runs from Jan. 1 - Nov. 30, 2023. Eligible employees need to earn the required points by Nov. 30 to qualify for the incentive credit toward their 2024 medical plan premium. 

Click here for the 2023 Wellness Program Points Schedule.

A special feature for this year’s Wellness Program is the 2023 Mental Health Wellness Webinar series​ hosted by our EAP provider, ComPsych. ​Each month starting in February you will have the opportunity to learn about a mental health topic presented by a ComPsych expert and earn points for the Wellness Program.  ​

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DePaul's Wellness Program delivered by WellRight offers a lineup of healthy challenges and activities as well as features including:
  • Interactive Health Assessment: Start your wellness journey with the health assessment to get your baseline that shows your strengths and opportunities for improvement. The interactive WellRight Health Assessment includes a series of common health-related questions on physical activity, stress levels, sleep habits and medical history. Upon completion of this assessment you will receive a calculated “health age,” as well as your identified risk factors for many common health conditions. Choose challenges based on what you learn.
  • Real-Time Progress: Earn points as you go and see your progress update in real time right on your homepage. Always know where you stand and how far you have to go before you hit the next achievement level.
  • Device Syncing: Sync your Fitbit, Apple Watch, or another wellness wearable device with your WellRight account and let it do the tracking for you. Devices work with any challenge that involves, walking, sleep, or weight (depending on what the device or app tracks).
  • Go Mobile: Tracking your wellness on-the-go is easy with WellRight’s iOS and Android apps. You can do everything on the app that’s available on the website. For instructions to set up the mobile app, click here.  
  • Text Reminders: Set customized date/time reminders and track your progress via text message. No need to login. 
  • Mobile Notifications: If texts aren’t your preference, you can easily set up mobile notifications to remind you to track your progress instead. Notifications link you right into the app where you can track your progress in a flash.
  • Personalized Experience: Log in to your own dashboard and customize the program to suit your needs using a wide variety of challenges in all health dimensions, including physical, emotional, occupational, social, and purpose.

WellRight is fully Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant. Your identity and personal information are protected by law and remain strictly confidential and secure at all times. Your employer will never see your personal health information.

Maximize Health & Fitness Discounts Available to You

We are committed to helping you achieve your best health. If you think you might be unable to meet a standard for a reward under the wellness program, you might qualify for an opportunity to earn the same reward by different means. Contact the Benefits Team for more information about the wellness initiatives and reasonable alternative standards that may be available.