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How to Enroll

Step 1: Read about the plan features and see the Summary Plan Description for full details about the plan.

Step 2: Decide how much you can contribute. Download the Contribution Calculator to determine what savings rate will help you achieve your annual savings goal. You may contribute up to the following limits, but keep in mind that any contributions made at a prior employer in the same calendar year count towards these limits.

Annual Contribution Limits for 2017

  • General Employee Contribution: $18,000
  • 15-Year Service Rule Catch-up Contribution: $3,000
  • Age 50 Catch-up Contribution: $6,000

To review or change your elections, please log in to and follow these instructions:

  • 1. Select the drop-down ‘Quick Links’ from the homepage and select ‘Contribution Amount’
  • 2. This should prompt you to the Contribution Amount page.  Select the first option ‘Contribution Amount and Catch-up Contributions’
  • 3. Select ‘I elect the catch-up limit’ to contribute under the 15-year Service Rule or Age 50 catch-up (catch-up elections can be changed at any time)
  • 4. Be sure to click ‘update and submit’ (you should receive an email confirmation)

Step 3: Read the User Guide to help you navigate the process of enrolling through the online election system. If you are new to the plan, also see the Enrollment Guide. You can enroll by visiting or by logging into Campus Connect and following this path: Main Menu > Self-Service > Benefits > 403(b) Contributions.

Step 4: Evaluate and select your investment funds. Details about the funds available in the plan, fees and performance/returns are available at each of the retirement providers by reviewing the following PDFs. Investment elections are made directly through Fidelity and TIAA. ( TIAA Access Code- IL0990)

Step 5: Make an appointment with a financial counselor. Representatives from Fidelity and TIAA are available on campus to meet with you on an individual, confidential basis to review your plan options and retirement goals. See the schedule.

Step 6: Designate your beneficiaries by contacting Fidelity and TIAA directly.