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Award Submission

​​1.  ​​​All requests must be submitted as an Individual Compensati​on Payment (ICP) in BlueSky. The requestor completes and attaches the Staff Recognition Nomination Form to the Payment Request.
  • Please allow approximately 2 weeks for processing from date of submission (actual payment time varies based on when all approvals are received).
  • Requests not approved prior to the final payroll run of the fiscal year must be resubmitted after July 1st.
  • Detailed instructions for submitting a request can be found within the Individual Compensation Payment System Guidebook.
  • Budget managers should use the award tracking spreadsheet to keep track of awards submitted throughout the program year.
​2.  After the award has reached final approval, the manager informs the employee of the award amount and date to be paid. The nominee will receive the award based on the next available payroll in line with the normal payroll calendar. Awards are subject to all applicable taxes.

3.  Managers should present an award certi​ficate to the employee along with a copy of the nomination form. Click here to download the award certificate template.