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Damage Billing

​​​​​​​Prior to move-in, all units are inspected by professional staff members to ensure that university consistency, condition, and cleanliness standards are met. Any damage is recorded by staff and residents could be found responsible for damages above and beyond what was noted at the start of the year.

Residents who have questions or concerns about any damage at any time during the year should email
housing@depaul.edu​ for information and instructions. Residents may incur individual damage billing fees during the school year for issues such as lock-outs, lock changes, room repairs (where the resident is at fault), or health and safety inspection failures. If a resident incurs a fee, they will be notified via email to the preferred email address provided and the amount will appear on the student account under “housing damage fee.”

When damages occur in common areas, an investigation is launched by Residential Education and Housing staff. If the investigation is inconclusive and it is difficult to discern which residents and/or visitors are responsible, all damage charges will be split equally between residents on a floor or in a hall (community damage billing). Damage billing charges are shared unless written notification by the responsible party is provided to
housing@depaul.edu from the email address on file with the university. If a resident, multiple residents, or visitors of residents are found to be responsible for damage or vandalism, they may be subject to additional repair fees and the student conduct process. Residents who host visitors associated with a vandalism incident are responsible for the damage billing charge assessed.

For more details, including a list of common damages and cleaning charges, visit the Damage Billing webpage
. There is also information in Section 10 of the housing agreement Terms and Conditions​​.​