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Building Facilities & Amenities

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Balconies & Rear Stairwells

Certain apartment buildings have rear stairways or balconies attached to them, but not all are open for resident use. The balconies located on the west side of Sanctuary and Townhomes are closed to resident use and exist for egress during an emergency. Residents present in areas not open for their use may be subject to discipline. The following is a non-exhaustive list of balcony and rear patio or stairway policies:

  • Alcohol is not permitted on any rear stairway, balcony, deck, or patio.
  • No smoking on balconies or anywhere within university buildings.
  • No furniture or other items may be used or stored on any balcony, rear deck, or patio.
  • No decorative lighting, lanterns, or pumpkins can be displayed.
  • Grilling and the use or storage of grills on the back porches, patio areas, or yards of apartments is strictly prohibited throughout campus.
  • Garbage bags must be disposed of immediately in provided receptacles and should not be stored on back porches so as not to attract rodents or pests.


The following halls offer elevators for everyday student use:

  • LeCompte Hall
  • Munroe Hall
  • Ozanam Hall
  • Sanctuary Hall
  • University Hall

Seton Hall has a freight elevator that is not designed for everyday use and is only switched on for use during move-in and move-out time periods, as a staff member must be on-site to provide access through the loading dock service area. 


High-efficiency washing machines and dryers are located throughout campus housing. Laundry costs are included in housing rates, so machines do not require coins or cards to run. Remove items promptly from machines at the end of the cycle as a courtesy to other residents who need to do laundry.​ Remember to take all belongings when leaving the laundry room. Hall staff may dispose of laundry or personal items left in a laundry room for more than 24 hours. 

DePaul has technology that lets residents check laundry status from their phone or computer. Visit laundryview.com/depaul to see the status of washers and dryers (which machines are free or in use, how much time is remaining, and more). Residents can set up text or email alerts by creating a login and then can view weekly stats to see the busiest and slowest times for the laundry room. For the campus machines, high-efficiency (HE) liquid detergent or individual pods are recommended. If there are issues or concerns with a machine, including damaged clothing, contact CSC ServiceWorks​.

Residents are highly encouraged to sanitize the machine's control panel buttons and other touchpoints, such as the machines' door handles, before and after use with the sanitizer solution supplied in each laundry room.


Each residence hall unit is equipped with one recycling tote. Residents are responsible for emptying these individual bins into the larger recycling containers located in each residence hall (typically near trash rooms or in lobby or lounge areas). In Townhomes, residents must take recycling outside to the nearest blue recycling bin, typically located near the dumpsters. Recycling totes are the property of DePaul University and must remain in the unit at all times and after move out.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of items that can be recycled: 
  • Clean, dry paper products (e.g., white and color paper, envelopes, junk mail, magazines, newspapers)
  • Aluminum or metal cans
  • Plastic water bottles and all numbered plastic containers (except for #6)


Residents must provide their own small trash bin to collect trash in their unit or apartment. When full, residents can take their small trash bin to a trash room. Trash must not be left outside any room. Any trash, newspapers, or other items left outside room or apartment doors may be immediately disposed of by staff working in the building. This may result in a fee assessed to the residents of the nearest room. Trash rooms/chutes are provided throughout campus housing.​ 


Residents are encouraged to bring their own small vacuum to use in units. Community vacuums are made ​available the last two weeks of spring quarter at hall front desks to assist with move-out cleaning. Residents may be charged if they return a community vacuum in an excessively dirty or damaged state. If a resident fails to return a university vacuum within one hour of issuance, they may be charged a replacement fee.

Vending Machines

Vending machines are located throughout campus housing. The Student Centers manage all campus vending machines and any problems with vending machines should be reported to the Lincoln Park Student Center Information Desk (first floor of the Student Center) or by calling (773) 325-7400. Refunds can be requested directly from the vendor that owns and operates the vending machines using the phone number and contact information on the machines.