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Policy Compliance

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Resident Responsibility

By choosing to live in a DePaul University residence hall, residents agree to abide by all DePaul University policies, including the Code of Student Responsibility and the policies and procedures detailed in this Guide to Student Housing and on the DePaul Housing website. Failure to abide by any of these policies and procedures may result in the university initiating the Student Conduct Process, in accordance with established procedures, up to and including removal from the halls or the university and/or financial penalties. DePaul University reserves the right to change its policies or procedures maintained herein at any time, provided such changes are announced (e.g., through official bulletin boards, monitors, email, office publications, mailings to residential students, or information posted on our website).

In the event of discrepancies between this document and the terms and conditions of the housing agreement, this Guide to Student Housing shall supersede the housing agreement. In the event of discrepancies between this document and the Code of Student Responsibility, the Code of Student Responsibility shall supersede the Guide to Student Housing. 

Residents are responsible for reading and responding to any official email sent to their DePaul BlueM@il account, voicemail, or U.S. mail sent to them by the university. The Department of Housing & Residence Life will communicate with residents using the most updated email and address registered in Campus Connect. Failure to update or check email, campus mail, or U.S. mail will not excuse a resident from responding to or having knowledge of a message from the university.