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ll computer users must practice ethical behavior in their computing activities. Computing activities may only be used for lawful purposes. Abuse of computer privileges, including but not limited to illegal downloading, is considered a serious matter. For full details on expectations of the university computing services, please reference the Code of Student Responsibility.

Connecting to the Internet

Each room is equipped with one high-speed data jack (orange) per person or a WiFi access point with wired data jacks. A wireless network is also available for convenience. Information Services (IS) recommends that residents use the wired network as the primary network connection for optimal performance and security.

  • How to connect phones, computers and tablets to DePaul’s wireless network: wifi.depaul.edu
Personal routers, including wireless routers, may not be used on DePaul’s network. Violations of this, or any other technology-related policy, may result in network connectivity being temporarily or permanently disabled. Click here to view the Acceptable Use Policy/Network Security and others associated with DePaul’s residential network.

TV Lounges

Wired cable TV service, which includes local channels and sports programming, is provided in community lounges. Traditional wired cable TV service is not provided in residents' rooms or apartments. 

If a resident subscribes to streaming services (e.g., Netflix, Hulu, Disney+), they may connect to those services from their personal computer/laptop or TV with streaming capabilities. Residents are not permitted to connect to streaming services in community lounges. 

Technology Support Center (TSC)

The TSC provides technical assistance for DePaul-supported software, systems, and services. 

TSC contact information:

Genius Squad

At Genius Squad support desks on the Lincoln Park and Loop campuses, technicians can assist with data recovery, operating system installation, hardware upgrades, wireless assistance, virus and spyware removal, and general system maintenance. Visit go.depaul.edu/gs for locations and hours.​