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Housing at DePaul

Life in a residence hall is an important aspect of a college education experience. Residence halls are more than just rooms or places to sleep. They are places where students develop meaningful friendships, explore new ideas and get involved with the university community.
Living in campus housing provides the opportunity to learn to balance the academic and social aspects of life at DePaul University.

Our Mission

Grounded in DePaul University’s Vincentian values and distinguishing marks, the staff of the Department of Housing Services administers the processes for living on campus and partner with others in promoting this experience. We strive to provide exceptional services within our high-quality, residential facilities while also encouraging residents’ personal growth and community responsibility.

Our Vision

The Department of Housing Services aspires to be a valued and vital partner in DePaul University residents' pursuit of educational success. We trust that the environment we create will offer our residents a rewarding experience that will enrich their lives academically, socially, and culturally.

Housing Services Strategic Plan

The Department of Housing Services proudly launched a three-year strategic plan in January 2013. The goals of the plan focused on four major areas: services, planning, assessment and outreach. The strategic plan launch booklet  outlines the goals, and also includes our mission, vision and value statement as well as department area summaries. The department's plan came at an opportune time as the university’s strategic plan, Vision 2018, launched fall 2012.

In 2016, Housing Services wrapped up the strategic plan. Read the final report  to learn about outcomes for each goal and next steps for the department.

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    The “Living at DePaul” blog is a resource for current residents, prospective students and parents/guardians looking to learn more about the experience of living on campus, both in Lincoln Park and the Loop. Find information on housing events, fun facts about the city of Chicago and resources for ensuring your years at DePaul are some of the best.

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