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Converted Housing

Converted Housing

Often, residents who are assigned to converted housing have questions about what this type of housing is and why we implement it in our residence halls. This page includes frequently asked questions, a video and links to virtual tours to help familiarize you with this type of housing assignment. If you have additional questions, read our Converted Housing Brochure or call our main office at (773) 325-7196.

FAQs for Residents of Converted Housing

Converted housing is made up of designated rooms, often larger than standard rooms, that are utilized for housing an additional resident. More than 300 residents are part of the converted housing program at the beginning of the academic year.

Converted housing allows more DePaul University first-year students the opportunity to take advantage of living in campus housing at the beginning of the academic year, and ultimately to attend DePaul.

After the start of the school year, should a resident move out, the unit will no longer be converted and any additional furnishings will be removed.
Converted housing units in Clifton-Fullerton, Belden-Racine, Munroe and Seton halls are furnished to allow three residents in the room. University Hall is similar but accommodates four residents.
Residents of a converted housing unit will receive a 20 percent credit based on the standard rate for the room for the time in which the unit remains converted. Credits will be issued at the end of each quarter.
The furnishings in converted housing units are adjusted to allow for adequate clothing and supplementary storage as well as a bed, desk and chair for each resident. The units are large enough to accommodate all furnishings. See the virtual tour below for an example of a lived-in converted unit.

All students who are assigned to converted housing are considered permanent residents of that unit and are not required to move during the academic year. Should you decide to request a move, that request will be processed ahead of regular room change requests, as space permits.

Virtual Tours

Converted Housing from DePaul's Department of Housing on Vimeo.

360 Virtual Tours

Virtual tours of converted housing units are not yet available for all halls, but see below for views of a converted housing unit in Clifton-Fullerton Hall.

Virtual Tour Description
Lived-in converted unit Occupancy of three residents