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Room Selection

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About Room Selection​

Room Selection allows for all currently enrolled DePaul students to select a campus apartment for the 2024-25 academic year. Our Room Selection process will begin February 1, 2024.​​​​

We offer unique apartments that provide the convenience and flexibility of living on campus. Campus apartment options are available on both the Lincoln Park and Loop campuses and are viewable on our Housing Options page.​

The Room Selection process includes the following steps:​

  1. ​​Complete a housing agreement within the Housing Portal at myhousing.depaul.edu​.
  2. You will receive a randomized Room Selection appointment via email with detailed information regarding the online process. 
  3. During your designated appointment time, visit myhousing.depaul.edu​ to see the available options and select your campus housing for the 2024-25 academic year.

​Room Selection Dates

Housing agreements for continuing students will be available at myhousing.depaul.edu​
​February 1, 2024
​​Last day to submit a Housing Agreement to participate in Room Selection
​March 28, 2024

​Receive randomized Room Selection appointment email
April 3, 2024
​University Center Room Selection for continuing Graduate and Law students begins
​April 10, 2024

​​University Center Room Selection for continuing Undergraduate students begins
​April 11, 2024
​Lincoln Park Room Selection for continuing Undergraduate students​ begins
​April 16, 2024

Room Selection, Continued

Housing assignments will continue for students, in a limited capacity, after the Room Selection process has concluded. More information on room types, rates, roommates, and more can be found in the dropdowns below.

Campus apartments are mixed in with DePaul buildings and our traditional residential halls. Campus apartments are fully furnished apartments with a kitchen and a shared living space. Campus apartments also feature wireless internet and laundry facilities within the building.

During Winter Break, campus apartments - excluding McCabe Hall - do not close. Residents of Centennial Hall, Courtside Apartments, Sanctuary Hall, Sanctuary Townhomes, and Sheffield Square may remain on campus during winter break. Whereas, McCabe Hall will be closed and its residents must leave their on-campus apartment for the winter break period. 

For additional details, visit the Lincoln Park Apartments webpages.

Room Type Occupancy *2024-2025 Quarterly Rate Per Resident
Centennial Hall, Standard 2-4 $4,558
Courtside Apartments, Standard 4 $4,558 
McCabe Hall, Efficiency 3 $3,950
McCabe Hall, Standard 2-4 $4,189 
Sanctuary Townhomes, Townhome 7 $4,420
Sanctuary Hall, Standard Apartment 3-4 $4,558 
Sanctuary Hall, Higher Occupancy Apartment 5-8 $4,305 
Sanctuary Hall, Studio Apartment 3 $4,209 
Sheffield Square 2-4 $4,558

*Housing rates for the 2024-2025 academic year are subject to change. The tables above reflect proposed rates pending board approval.

Located steps from DePaul's Loop Campus, the University Center includes suites and apartments. The University Center is equipped with a fitness center, outdoor terrace, laundry facility, high-speed WiFi, study rooms, technology labs, and social lounges. Learn more about the University Center here.


Feature a bed, desk, bookcase, and compartmentalized closet for each resident.

  • Quad Semi-Suite - Two residents per unit, two units share one bathroom
  • Deluxe Double - Two residents in one room share one bathroom
  • Private Room - One resident has a private room, private bathroom
Room Type Occupancy *2024-25 Quarterly Rate Per Resident
Quad Semi-Suite 4 $3,928 
Deluxe Double 2 $4,452
Private Room 1 $5,742 


Feature a full kitchen with dishwasher, living room, and dining area. All apartments are fully furnished.

  • Four-Bedroom - Four residents per unit, each resident has a lockable bedroom and all share two bathrooms
  • Two-Bedroom - Four residents share two bedrooms and two bathrooms
  • Studio - One resident (limited availability)
Unit Type Occupancy *2024-25 Quarterly Rate Per Resident
Four-Bedroom 4 $5,748 
Two-Bedroom 4 $4,696 
Studio 1 $6,582

*Housing rates for the 2024-2025 academic year are subject to change. The table above reflects proposed rates pending board approval.

Students are not required to create a roommate group. Students who do not create a roommate group will be assigned roommates at random.

Students who do have roommates in mind will need to complete a roommate group within the housing agreement before March 28, 2024. Roommate groups cannot exceed four students total. 

Please note, one member of the group will be responsible for assigning each roommate's housing. By joining a roommate group, students are authorizing their roommate(s) to act on their behalf during the Room Selection process.

Students who require housing accommodations for medical reasons, including the need for a service or emotional support animal, must register with the Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD). Students who complete their registration process with CSD before March 1 will receive priority for housing accommodations. Any accommodation requests that are submitted after March 1 will still be considered, but DePaul Housing & Residence Life's ability to grant the accommodation request will be based on availability.

Housing Cancellation

There is no housing charge or commitment when completing the Housing Agreement for Room Selection. However, if a student is assigned to campus housing at Room Selection and needs to cancel after being assigned but prior to the start of their housing agreement, then there is a $1,500 cancellation fee. Further charges are applicable once the housing agreement has started. Please see Section 4 of the 2024-2025 Terms & Conditions for the full cancellation policy. 

Meal Plan Cancellation

Signing the housing agreement holds students to the meal plan terms and conditions. If a student cancels their housing agreement, the meal plan will be cancelled for any future quarters. Full meal plan terms can be found in section 5 of the 2024-2025 Terms & Conditions