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Seton Assignment

Our assignments area works year-long to ensure that room assignments are maintained. They also handle room changes, oversee the resident agreement process and facilitate the annual room selection process, an event intended for residents who wish to return to campus housing.

Building & Room Assignments

Housing assignments are processed based on the date the housing agreement was completed. Students have the opportunity to rank their preferences of building and room types. Building and room preferences are taken into consideration when housing assignments are made but are not guaranteed. Students may be assigned to any building or room type.

Converted housing and temporary housing assignments are also possible. Read more about these assignments here.

Roommate Assignments

Specific roommate requests may be submitted when completing the housing agreement. Roommate requests will be taken into consideration when assignments are made but are not guaranteed. Roommate requests will not be accepted after June 1.

DePaul offers a roommate matching section as part of the housing agreement process that is recommended for new students looking for roommates.

Wait List

If put on a wait list, students are assigned from the wait list when space becomes available. Every attempt is made to find housing for students on the wait list. The Department of Housing cannot predict when and how often cancellations will be received, it is not possible to determine when a student on the wait list will be assigned housing. Students who are on the waitlist and have not yet been confirmed for a space may cancel without a cancellation fee. Once a student has been confirmed for a space in housing, any cancellation will be subject to the fees outlined in the housing agreement. To review the cancellation fees, please see the terms and conditions, section five. If you or your student is on the waitlist and have questions, we encourage you to call our offices at (773) 325-7196 to speak to an assignments staff member.

Special Housing Accommodations

Special housing accommodations will only be honored, depending on availability, based on recommendations from the Center for Students with Disabilities. To request special housing accommodations due to a disability or medical condition, you must contact the Center for Students with Disabilities at (773) 325-1677 or . Students are encouraged to contact the Center for Students with Disabilities upon submission of their housing agreement.

Statement on Gender Identity

DePaul University respects the privacy of its students and recognizes that some students may be particularly concerned about privacy and confidentiality related to gender identity. The Department of Housing and Residential Education will consistently recognize and respect the gender identity that students self-identify to DePaul University in good-faith. Additionally, students may self-identify to The Department of Housing and/or Residential Education if they wish to receive special housing considerations regarding their gender identity, but are by no means obligated to do so. If students do self-identify and request special considerations, The Department of Housing and/or Residential Education will not require students to provide more information than that which is required of other students. Furthermore, all information will be kept strictly confidential to the best of DePaul’s ability and will only be used for purposes designated by the student.​