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Philo Streaming TV

Each resident of the Lincoln Park Campus residence halls and on-campus apartments has access to Philo, a streaming TV service offering access to 60+ TV channels and cloud-based DVR service. This service remains active for the duration of your residency in campus housing, and works anywhere both on- and off-campus. Watch shows on any of your devices with Philo: phone, laptop, tablet, or even on your TV with a streaming device such as Roku, Fire TV, or another compatible streaming platform.

New residents will receive a welcome email on their BlueM@il account (username@depaul.edu) within 24 hours after moving in to campus housing. This email, sent directly by Philo, contains the information you will need to get signed in to your new Philo account.

Returning residents, who have lived on campus during a previous quarter or year, will not get this welcome message again but may log in to their existing Philo account using their BlueM@ail account (username@depaul.edu). Service will be reactivated within 24 hours after moving in to campus housing.

Set Up Resources

Get your streaming device(s) connected to DePaul’s network.

  • For best results, we recommend connecting your computer or streaming device directly to the ethernet port in your room. OR, for information on how to connect your streaming device to the WiFi network, visit the DePaul University WiFi​ webpage.
  • For help getting your streaming device online, contact Information Services at (312) 362-8765.

Set up Philo on your streaming device(s).

Philo FAQs 

No, your Philo account will automatically be created for you as a resident of the Lincoln Park Campus halls. It will be linked to your BlueM@il account (username@depaul.edu). This service is included as part of your campus housing package and does not require payment to Philo.

DePaul University no longer supports traditional wired cable TV in student rooms. We only provide traditional coax-based cable TV in common areas such as lounges. Each resident is provided with a Philo account to watch Live TV anywhere on or off campus.

Yes, as long as you are a current resident of the Lincoln Park Campus halls, your active Philo account works on campus as well as off campus.

No, during the time that the traditional-style residence halls are closed for Winter Break, you are not actively living on campus and thus your Philo account will not work during that time. When you move back on to campus in January, your account will automatically be re-activated.

Yes, as a on-campus apartment resident, these buildings remain open during Winter Break and you are not required to move out during that time. Therefore, your Philo service remains active, as you are still an active resident.

Yes. If you are an active resident living in a traditional-style hall or on-campus apartment, you can access your Philo account over Spring Break since we do not require you to temporarily move out during that timeframe. 

For local channels, residents can use an inexpensive indoor TV antenna to pick up local broadcast TV, as many of the Chicago TV stations broadcast just a few miles away from campus from downtown Chicago.

DePaul also provides traditional wired cable TV service, which includes local channels and sports programming, in the community lounge spaces on each floor of the traditional halls. This service is only available in community spaces and is not available in student rooms or apartments.

If you just moved on to campus within the last 24 hours, your account may not be activated yet. This process happens automatically within 24 hours of moving into campus housing.

If you are a resident of University Center in the Loop, you are not eligible for Philo. University Center provides coax-based wired TV service in all student units.

If you are a resident of a traditional hall that has returned home for the Winter Break closure (Thanksgiving to New Year), your account is inactive during the time that your residence hall is closed.