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Key Dates

Please also see DePaul University's full academic calendar.

2019-20 Academic Year

Event Quarter Date
Fall Semester Move-In, Law School Fall August 19, 2019
Discover Chicago Move-In Fall September 1, 2019
Fall Quarter Move-In Fall September 8, 2019
Final Day to Cancel and Move Out, Students Not Returning  for Winter Quarter Fall November 27, 2019
Lincoln Park Traditional Residence Halls Close for Winter Break Fall November 27, 2019
by noon
December Quarter/Graduate Intersession Move-In Intersession November 27, 2019
Semester Move-Out, Law School Fall December 20, 2019 by noon
December Quarter/Graduate Intersession Move-Out Intersession December 20, 2019 by 4 p.m.
Department of Housing Office and DePaul University Closed Winter Break December 23, 2019
Department of Housing Office and DePaul University Reopen Winter January 2, 2020 at 9 a.m.
Final Day to Cancel, New Winter Quarter Residents Winter January 3, 2020
Lincoln Park Traditional Halls Reopen, Residents May Return Winter January 4, 2020 starting at 9 a.m.
Spring Semester Move-In, Law School Winter January 4, 2020
Final Day to Cancel and Move Out, Students Not Returning for Spring Quarter Spring March 20, 2020
Spring Quarter Move-In, New Residents Spring March 21, 2020
Room Selection, University Center Spring April 14, 2020
Room Selection, Lincoln Park Campus Spring April 21 - 23, 2020
Spring Semester Move-Out, Law School Spring May 15, 2020 by noon
Spring Quarter Move-Out Spring June 13, 2020
 by noon
Summer Quarter Move-In Summer June 16, 2020