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University Center


525 South State Street
Chicago, Illinois 60605


(312) 270-2311

Building Information

The University Center is a DePaul University residence hall that is shared with other local universities. DePaul students are assigned to common floors and units, allowing them to build a DePaul community. DePaul University administers all room assignments (including room changes), meal plans, and bills all charges directly to a student’s DePaul financial account.

Room Types

A variety of suites and apartments are available to all students, who range from freshmen to graduate students.


Suites feature a bed, desk, bookcase and compartmentalized closet for each resident. Residents in suites , which have no kitchen, are assigned a meal plan that can only be used in the University Center dining center. Unit types include:

  • Suite - Two residents per unit, two units share one bathroom.
  • Deluxe Double - Two residents in one room share one bathroom.
  • Private Room - One resident has a private room and a private bathroom.


All apartments include a full kitchen with a dishwasher and do not require a meal plan. Apartments also include both a living room and dining area with furniture. Unit types include:

  • Four-Bedroom Apartment - Four residents per unit; each resident has a lockable bedroom and all share two bathrooms.
  • Two-Bedroom Apartment - Four residents share two bedrooms and two bathrooms.
  • Studio Apartment - For one resident.

360 Virtual Tours

Visit the University Center on our virtual tour for a look inside the building.

Virtual Tour Description
Lived-in semi-suite Occupancy of two residents
Unoccupied two-bedroom, four-person apartment Occupancy of four residents
Unoccupied four-bedroom, four-person apartment Occupancy of four residents
Lobby Community area
Recreation area Community area
Outdoor terrace Community area
Dining Center Community area