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Due to the COVID-19 virus, DePaul University will not be allowing visitors in residence halls until further notice.  This decision was made for the protection of residents and to minimize opportunity for viral spread within the DePaul community.

Having visitors in DePaul University residence halls is a privilege. A visitor is defined as anyone who is not an assigned resident of a specific room, apartment, or building. Visitors are typically welcome to visit at any time of the day. All visitors who do not live in the building (including DePaul students or residents from another residence hall on campus) must be signed in at the front desk upon arrival. Residents are prohibited from transferring use of their room, or any part of their room, without limitation, through the use of room-sharing or home-sharing websites or any other means.

As hosts, residents may be personally and financially responsible for the actions and behaviors of their visitors. Visitors must be personally known to residents. Residents are responsible for informing visitors of the policies and procedures of campus housing. Visitors must abide by the university and residential policies and procedures at all times. As hosts, residents are accountable and may be subject to disciplinary action if visitors violate a policy or procedure. Visitors who exhibit inappropriate behavior may be required to leave campus housing. Staff will not escort a visitor into any units without a resident host.

Visit the Visitor Policies webpage for full details about the following:
  • Required ID and access for visitors
  • Host Responsibility
  • Visitor Limits
  • Visitor Request Form (for parents/guardians ONLY)​​