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Lincoln Park Guide to Student Housing

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Welcome to DePaul University, residents! Living on campus is an important aspect of college education. Residence halls are more than just rooms or places to study and sleep. They are places where students will develop meaningful friendships, explore new ideas, and get involved with the university community. Living on campus provides the opportunity to learn how to balance the academic and social aspects of life at DePaul University, as safely as possible. ​

Living on campus is an experience that requires:
  • Residents to behave appropriately 
  • Residents to balance individual freedoms with respect for others 
  • Residents to use negotiation and compromise 

We encourage residents to learn from one another as they adjust to their new home. Take this opportunity to read carefully through each section of the Guide to Student Housing, as it will help residents understand housing policies and procedures specific to this year.

Note: The most up to date version of this guide will always be available to students on our website and we will, to the best of our ability, announce any major changes.​​

Table of Contents

Section 1
Section 2
Policy Compliance & Resident Responsibility
Section 3
Section 4
Section 5
Housing Assignments
Section 6
Meal Plans
Section 7
Housing Unit
Section 8
Prohibited Items
Section 9
Inspections & Repairs
Section 10
Building Facilities & Amenities​
Section 11
Section 12
Keys & Access
Section 13
Section 14
Health & Wellness
Section 15
Section 16
Section 17
Resolution Methods
Section 18
Campus Resources & Contacts