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Resolution Methods

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Student Conduct Process

By voluntarily joining the residential community, a student assumes the responsibility for abiding not only by the Code of Student Responsibility and university policies that are applicable to students, but also by the policies set forth in this guide. Residents are expected to exercise good judgment and consideration in maintaining a living environment conducive to the achievement of the educational mission of the university. This includes accepting responsibility for one’s behavior at all times and respecting the rights of other individuals.

Any violation of the Code of Student Responsibility, university policies applicable to students, or the policies set forth in this guide could result in referral to the student conduct process through the Department of Housing & Residence Life or the Dean of Students Office.

In order to protect the health, safety, security, and well-being of the university community and its members, the Department of Housing & Residence Life and the Dean of Students Office reserve the right to immediately impose interim sanctions upon a resident.

Records of student conduct cases that result in sanctions from the Department of Housing & Residence Life will be kept in a resident’s student conduct file. Student conduct records are destroyed 10 years after graduation. Student conduct cases resulting in suspension or dismissal are kept on file indefinitely. Residents with knowledge of policy violations or illegal behavior are encouraged to report these violations, in writing, to their designated residence director.