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Student housing is composed of the Department of Housing, Dining & Student Centers (“DePaul Housing”) and the Department of Residential Education. The professional and student staff in these departments work together to provide clean, safe and vibrant living and learning communities for DePaul University students.

The Department of Housing, Dining & Student Centers

DePaul Housing is responsible for many aspects of living on campus, including billing, room assignments, residence hall front desk operations, safety, facility work orders, building access, laundry, move-in and move-out logistics, and the room selection process, among other things. DePaul Housing staff work in the main office, area offices, and remotely. Emails, phone calls, and website chat features will likely be available from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Please check our website for details.

Residents should contact the main office to:
  • Cancel a housing agreement 
  • Change a meal plan
  • Ask questions about housing assignments 
  • Request to change rooms or campuses 

Area offices are located in the East, West and Central areas of campus. Residents should contact an area office to:
  • Check in or check out of an assigned housing unit 
  • Ask questions about how to place a work order or to follow up on a work order request
  • Receive access assistance (lost key, lock change, lost or misplaced DePaul ID)
  • Report damage to a room or apartment or with any general questions about damage billing
  • Ask questions about health and safety inspections or about facilities projects 
  • Report a daytime (between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.) facility emergency issue in a housing unit

Housing Staff

Housing Operations Coordinators (HOCs) – Housing Operations Coordinators are professional staff members who are responsible for facility management and administration. They live on campus and manage specific housing areas. They oversee residence hall front desk security operations and desk receptionists, facilities assistants, and housing operations graduate assistants. They also respond to major facility-related emergencies outside of normal business hours. 

Housing Operations Graduate Assistants (HOGAs) – Housing Operations Graduate Assistants help manage and supervise the residence hall front desk operation staff. There are two HOGAs and they work together to support the lead desk receptionists directly and assist in providing follow-up with front desk personnel and scheduling support.

Facilities Assistants (FAs) – Facilities Assistants are student staff members who live and work on campus in a specific housing area. They perform quarterly inspections of all on-campus housing units during the year. The FAs also address lockouts and respond to facilities emergencies after hours. 

Office Assistants (OAs) - Office Assistants are student staff members who work in the area offices during business hours. They address access issues, assist with move-ins and move-outs, and they respond to facilities emergencies during business hours.

Desk Receptionists (DRs) – Desk Receptionists are student staff members who are responsible for monitoring access control at residence hall front desks. The DRs check identification, manage the visitor sign-in process for visitors, and serve as friendly campus resources for residents and their visitors. There are also Lead Desk Receptionists, who are students who supervise Desk Receptionists.

Facilities Project Crew – Crew is composed of student staff members who follow up on general furniture- and appliance-related work orders. Crew performs regular inspections of common areas and is involved in a wide variety of housing facility projects.

The Department of Residential Education

Residential Education is responsible for responding to student crises, building a sense of community and DePaul spirit, managing the student conduct process, and providing students with high-quality opportunities for engagement. Residence Directors and Resident Assistants live on campus and are available to assist residents with transition concerns and ongoing advocacy. Residents should contact Residential Education staff to:

  • Ask questions about events in residence halls 
  • Get engaged with residence hall communities 
  • Get assistance when experiencing trouble with a roommate
  • Get assistance with adjusting to college life
  • Seek a referral to resources on campus 
  • Ask questions about the student conduct process

Residential Education Staff

Residence Directors (RDs) – Residence Directors are master’s level professional staff who supervise the student RA staff and facilitate the educational and social events in residence halls. RDs are available for support, advice, and advocacy. They typically live in an apartment in the hall. Along with RAs, Residence Directors are responsible for building community, responding to policy violations, and providing emergency response to student incidents that occur outside of normal business hours.

Resident Assistants (RAs) – Resident Assistants are students who live on the residence hall floors and have been selected and trained to assist and support residents. They help create a community by providing resources to connect with the greater DePaul community and educational events. RAs can also help residents address roommate conflicts, navigate Chicago, and adjust to college life.