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Visitor Policies

All residence halls require a card swipe to enter. Residents only have access privileges to the hall in which they live. Residents or visitors without appropriate photo identification will be denied access to the residence halls. Non-DePaul visitors must have an official state or government ID. NO ID, NO ACCESS.

Having visitors in DePaul University residence halls is a privilege. A visitor is defined as anyone who is not an assigned resident of a specific room, apartment or building. Visitors are typically welcome to visit at any time of the day. All visitors who do not live in the building (including DePaul students or residents from another residence hall on campus) must be signed in at the front desk upon arrival. Residents are prohibited from transferring use of their room, or any part of their room, without limitation, through the use of room-sharing or home-sharing websites or any other means.

Visitors (18 and over) must provide state-, government- or DePaul-issued photo identification in order to be signed in to a residence hall. Visitors who do not have proper photo identification will not be allowed to enter the residence halls, no exceptions. (See Minor Visitors section below for instructions regarding visitors under the age of 18.)

Visitors must be escorted at all times. Visitors cannot be left alone without their resident host. Resident hosts must also accompany visitors to the desk for sign-out at the end of a visit. Failure to sign out a visitor at the time of departure may result in the loss of visitor privileges for the resident host.

Each Lincoln Park Campus resident may sign in a maximum of two (2) visitors at any given time, unless DePaul Housing professional staff grants prior approval. DePaul Housing and Residential Education reserve the right to suspend campuswide or building-specific visitor privileges at any time if it is felt this is in the best interest for the safety of the residents and/or as a sanction within the student conduct process.

Residents living in Centennial, Courtside and Sheffield Square are not required to sign in visitors at a front desk but are expected to follow the policy of no more than two visitors per resident in an apartment at any given time.

As hosts, residents may be personally and financially responsible for the actions and behaviors of their visitors. Visitors must be personally known to residents. Residents are responsible for informing visitors of the policies and procedures of campus housing. Visitors must abide by university and residential policies and procedures at all times. As hosts, residents are accountable and may be subject to disciplinary action if visitors violate a policy or procedure. Visitors who exhibit inappropriate behavior may be required to leave campus housing. Staff will not escort a visitor into any units without a resident host.

Lincoln Park Campus residents are allowed to host overnight visitors after informing all roommates of the visit prior to the visitor’s arrival. An overnight visitor is anyone who is not a resident of a particular unit, which includes residents from the same residence hall/building.

  • An overnight visitor stay is defined as any visit exceeding four (4) hours between midnight and 8 a.m. on any given night.
  • Resident hosts are allowed to register overnight visits a maximum of two (2) nights in a seven (7) day period. The seven-day period begins at midnight on Sunday and ends at 11:59 p.m. on Saturday.
  • Visitors who visit DePaul, regardless of which host they are visiting or which hall, may not have more than ten (10) overnight visits in any given academic quarter.
  • Visitor registration software tracks all visits, and any host found to be in violation of this policy may have visitation privileges suspended or revoked.
  • Registered visitors may only sleep in the unit of the host who is sponsoring their visit. Sleeping in other units or public/community spaces within the halls is strictly prohibited.
  • Visitors may not stay in unoccupied beds in a unit without the consent of the resident whose bed is to be used.

Overnight visitor expectations can be discussed between roommates during the roommate agreement process upon move-in. The above standards are designed to prevent abuse of roommate rights. If these standards are violated, residents may be subject to student conduct action and loss of privileges. A student whose housing agreement has been canceled through the student conduct process may not be a visitor in campus housing.

To have more than two visitors at a given time, Lincoln Park Campus residents must request additional approval by filling out the online request form. The same form should also be used to request the ability for a visitor to stay longer than two nights a row in a seven-day period.

Requests should be made online Monday through Thursday and at least one weekday in advance of the visitor’s arrival. Once the form is submitted, the resident host will be contacted by Housing staff with notice of whether the request has been approved. Hosts should contact their housing operations coordinator or area office with questions.

Minor visitors are those who are 17 years and younger. Resident hosts should fill out the online registration form for minors wishing to stay in DePaul Lincoln Park Campus residence halls or apartments. Once the form is submitted, the resident host will be contacted by Housing staff with further instructions. Resident hosts should contact their facilities area coordinator or area office with questions. For minor visitors, please also note:

  • Per the visitor policy, minors who visit must be in the company of their DePaul resident host at all times.
  • Minors should bring a license, passport or other government-issued form of photo identification with them when possible.
  • Minors under the age of 5 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times while in housing and are not permitted for overnight stay.
  • As with any other visitor, resident hosts are expected to inform their roommate(s) of the minor visitor’s stay in advance of the visit.

Guest policies at the University Center may differ from those on the Lincoln Park Campus. Residents in that building are expected to abide by all rules set forth within the University Center student handbook, found with our student guides and also at under the "Residence Life" tab.

Lincoln Park Campus Visitor Forms

Looking to extend a visitor's stay or host an additional visitor? Click the button below to fill out the form. Please note: Forms must be submitted Monday through Thursday and at least one business day in advance of the visitor's arrival. Visitors must abide by rules explained in "Additional Visitors and Extended Stays" above.

Extended Stay/Extra Visitor Form

Do you have a visitor who is a minor (17 years old and younger)? Click the button below to register a minor visitor to stay in a DePaul residence hall or apartment. Visitors must abide by rules explained in "Minor Visitors" above.

Minor Visitor Form