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Damage Billing

Billing Process

When residents move out at the end of spring quarter, each room will be inspected by student and professional staff members for damages and cleaning charges. If damages or cleaning issues are found, a fee will be assessed and an email will be sent to the email address you have listed in Campus Connect. Below is the timeline for summer 2018:

damage billing 2018

Residents are held responsible for any changes in room condition (damages, missing items, etc.) that were not reported or did not exist at the time of move-in. All residents are given an opportunity to report preexisting conditions to their room via the housing condition report provided to them upon check-in.

All damages will be split equally between roommates (and suitemates for bathroom charges), unless written notification by the responsible party is provided to housing@depaul.edu  from the email address on file with the university by June 9, 2018 at the latest.

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Listed below are examples of the most common charges residents receive. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and prices may change year to year.

Common Damages


Change lock for unreturned key (each core) $100
Key cutting for damaged key (each) $4
Change mailbox lock $20
Key cutting for mailbox key $10
Replace window screen $129


Paint one bedroom, bathroom, closet, or hallway $214
Paint one living room $286
Paint typical door $71
Repair wall/ceiling damage less than 1 square foot $67
Repair wall/ceiling damage 1-4 square feet $88
Repair wall/ceiling damage 4-32 square feet $211
Strip and varnish wooden door $209


Dirty tables, counters, shelves, or surfaces (each) $33
Excess refrigerator cleaning $40
Excess stove/microwave/dishwasher cleaning (each) $34
Excess trash removal (per bag) $33
Excess tub/shower cleaning $36
Removal of heavy & abandoned furniture each $45
Replace carpet section (per sq. yard) $50
Reset furniture $33
Shampoo couch or chair from excessive stains $25

Appliance and Furniture Replacement 

Reassemble Bed Up to $145
Bed end (replacement) $50
Closet Works drawer $60
Closet Works basket $50
Coffee table $300
Couch, three seat $600
Couch, two seat $500
Desk Drawer $65
Dresser $350
End table  $250
Kitchen table $200
Mattress $150
Micro-fridge uncleaned/defrosted Up to $150
Microwave $95
​Pedestal $200​
Refrigerator $500
Stove $400
Trash/recycle can for room (per item) $25
Upholstered chair $350
Damaged desk chair $50
Desk chair (replacement)

Residents may incur individual damage billing fees during the school year for issues such as lock-outs, lock changes, room repairs (where the resident is at fault) or facility inspection failures. If a resident incurs a fee, the resident will be notified via letter to his or her campus mailbox and the amount will appear on the student account under housing damage fee.

More information about damage billing can be found in your Guide to Student Housing and on your housing agreement terms and conditions.