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Policies & Procedures

​​​​​​Welcome to the University Policies & Procedures web site at DePaul University. This site makes policy and procedures information accessible to all members of the university community.

The Office of the General Counsel manages the policy and procedures manual and web site for the university. It facilitates the policy approval process, and works closely with university leadership and area policy coordinators to ensure that all university policies are current, in compliance with legal and regulatory mandates, and reflect the business practices and processes used within the university.

The office provides assistance with the writing and development of individual policies, as well as ensuring that each proposed/revised policy follows the appropriate review and approval process.

The Policies & Procedures website contains a wide array of information including:

  • A complete listing of all official University Policies​, and procedural steps and contact information indicating how to follow all policies and procedures.
  • All Academic Policies as adopted by Faculty Council and approved by the Provost are integrated into the University policies and procedures manual.
  • The steps to create a new University Policy or change an existing one
  • The meeting schedule and materials due dates for the Policy Review Group.
  • Links to various University handbooks, including the Faculty Handbook and Student Handbook
  • Links to other resources regarding University Policies

Please take a moment to browse through our website and familiarize yourself with the policies of DePaul University. It is the responsibility of all DePaul University employees to be aware of relevant University Policies and Procedures. Should you have any questions feel free to contact ​​Mary Devona Stark in the Office of the General Counsel at (312) 362-​7503.