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Establishing a Policy

​​​Policies and procedures are created by university units to guide the members of the university community in the conduct of essential university functions with the highest level of transparency, efficiency and effectiveness.

In all instances, the Office of the General Counsel, as the custodian for the University Policies and Procedures manual should be consulted to ensure conformity with established policy and procedures templates, legal and compliance reviews, and inclusion in the university's  policy and procedures website.

To determine if a new policy is  needed, begin by asking yourself the following questions from  the perspective of your unit's mission:
  • What is the exact nature of the issue that the proposed policy is designed to address?
  • What is the intended impact of the policy? 
  • Who is the intended audience of the policy (i.e., all members of the university community, budget managers, grant directors, etc.)?
  • Will the policy assure compliance, or be in compliance, with relevant legislative and accreditation mandates?
  • What are the risks associated with  not establishing this policy? 
  • What procedures will be necessary to implement this policy? 
  • Are there other university units whose cooperation is essential to the policy's implementation?
  • Does the appropriate technology infrastructure exist to support the proposed policy?
If, after answering these questions, you feel the creation of a new policy is needed or that an existing policy needs to be updated please notify Mary Devona Stark in the Office of the General Counsel at (312) 362-7503 or​.