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Progressive Discipline

​​​​​The university employs a process of Progressive Discipline to collaboratively address issues of unsatisfactory conduct or performance. The disciplinary process may start at any counseling stage, taking into consideration the severity of the infraction and maintaining consistency in the administration of the disciplinary process. All sides of an issue should be heard prior to management administering any disciplinary action.

Progressive Discipline Process

An Employee Relations & Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) representative should be contacted through all stages of the discipline process (except for a verbal counseling).  An Employee Relations & EEO representative must be consulted prior to the issuance of a written or final counseling an addendum to counseling, performance improvement plan or discharge.

  1. Verbal Counseling is issued for minor infractions (can be done at the department level).
  2. Written Counseling may be issued after previously issuing a Verbal Counseling, or for those infractions of a serious nature. (must consult with an Employee Relations​ & EEO representative prior to issuing a written counseling)
  3. Final Written Counseling is issued if a written counseling has been issued within the last 12 months, or for a first offense of a serious nature.
  4. Addendum to counseling can be used after a written or final written counseling has been issued when the next infraction is committed within 12 months of issuance and does not warrant moving to the next level of progressive discipline or termination but requires that the formal documentation of the violation is officially noted for the employee record.
  5. Performance Improvement Plan is issued by management for unsatisfactory conduct and/or performance that would require some time to allow the employee the opportunity to bring his/her conduct/performance to a satisfactory level. A Performance Improvement Plan should be used in conjunction with a Written, Final Written Counseling, or needs improvement performance appraisal. 

Discharge is recommended for infractions of a grave nature or after all progressive discipline procedures have been followed without significant and/or satisfactory improvement in behavior and/or performance. All terminations are approved by the vice president of Human Resources. Please consult with Employee Relations & Equal Employment Opportunity on all matters related to the discharge of an employee. 

Additional Resources

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