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Change or Update Beneficiaries

1. Log on to BlueSky

Log on to, click on the Lincoln Financial tile.

2. Click on "Name or Change Beneficiary Information"

Select your language preference and assemble the requested information about each beneficiary to be named.

3. You'll be able to:

  • Add or change primary and contingent beneficiaries
  • Assign distribution equally or as a specific percent
  • Review your information and edit as needed
  • Print a confirmation report
  • Receive an email confirming you have successfully named or changed your beneficiary information​

Why are beneficiaries important?

Naming a beneficiary or beneficiaries is critical to assure that proceeds from your group life insurance coverage are distributed according to your wishes. Recipients can be individuals, an organization, a trust, or your estate.

The primary beneficiary will be the recipient of your group life insurance proceeds in the event of your death.

Contingent beneficiaries are important because, if the primary beneficiary predeceases you, the proceeds of your group life insurance coverage are distributed among this second group.