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2021 Summer Hours Program and Time Reporting Rules

The Summer Hours Program allows full-time staff employees early Friday departures during the summer. For employees whose schedules can not accommodate early departures, three additional summer floating holidays can be substituted. ​

For complete program details, please refer to the current Summer Hours Guidelines.

The 2021 Summer Hours Program is effective from Friday, June 18 through Friday, September 3. (For the College of Law, the Summer Hours period will extend from Friday, May 28, through Friday, August 20, due to the college's semester schedule.)

Your manager will discuss with you the best schedule for Summer Hours in order to maintain adequate coverage in your department or area. Regardless of the Summer Hours method you are using—Early Friday Departures or Three Additional Summer Floating Holidays*—your time away from work due to this program must be recorded on your timesheet in BlueSky. 

Non-exempt and exempt employees should enter Summer Hours instead of Regular Hours to record time off due to the Summer Hours Program:  
Summer Hours – for Early Friday Departures
Summer Days – for Summer Floating Holidays*​  

Note: You will be able to save your Summer Hours/Days in advance of the Summer Hours Period by adding an absence in BlueSky, but will not be able to submit them to your manager for approval until the Summer Hours Period has begun.

Under no circumstances may an exempt employee's regular base salary earnings be adjusted due to time recorded as Su​mmer Hours; this information is to be used for record-keeping purposes only; not payroll purposes. 

For complete program details, please refer to the current Summer Hours Guidelines.

*Please Note: If you are using Three Additional Summer Floating Holidays and your normally scheduled work day is 7 hours, you may record a maximum of 21 hours for Summer Floating Holidays.